††††††††† < The present volume contains the complete third part (Khanda) of the Satkhandagama. It is called Bandha-samitta-vicaya which means Quet of those who bind the Karmas. Out of the 148 varieties of Karmas, it is only 120 that are capable of being porduced directly by the soul. The author of the Sutras has mentioned in the form of questions and answers, the spiritual stages (Gunasthanas) and the detailed conditions of life and existence (Marganasthanas) in which specified Karmas may be forged, Fortytwo Sutras are devoted to the Gunasthana treatement, and the rest 282 to the Margana-sthana. The commentator has onlarged the scope of the tratement of the subject by raising twentythree questions and answering them in relation to all the Karmas. In this way, good many details about the Karma Siddhanta have been exposed, and the whole work is very important for a through study of Jaina Philosophy. >