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THIS Publication, though small in size is largely valuable in research and it has mainly been written to protest the views of Mr. Deyva Nayagam, a christian Tamil Pandit according to whom Thiruvalluvar has created the complete "AINTHAVITHTHAN A ATRAL " (
) in favour of Christianty and he even published his views in a book named "AINTHAVITA THAN YAR?" The Madras Christian Cultural Communication centre has requested Sri Jeevabandhu T.S. Sripal to contribute a thesis not exceeding in twenty pages confirming clearly whether his view is agreeable or not and our eminent Scholar Jeevabandthu welcomed their request with pleasure contributing this essay as a book of protest. This thesis has been put forward among many eminent schloars in a conference arranged by the Christian Cultural Society. All the scholars appreciated his through literary knowledge and praised the deep and sound basis of his research as a rare and valuable thesis which revealed the un-acceptable view of Mr. Deyva Nayagam reflecting the truth with the scholar and honoured our Jeevabandhu by contributing cash-pripe of hundred rupees with great pleasure. such being the value of this creation, we publish it with the hope that it will be an useful guidance not only for the students of Thirukkural but also for research workers.

Our thoughts are highly appreciatable and remarkable since Sri. M. Shanmugam Pillai, Head of the department of Thirukkural Research Centre, University of Madras, has praised in his letter to the Author that his work which revealed the misinterpretation of Mr. Deyvanayagam is indeed a tasteful feast for schoilars, thanking him for the same on behalf of reserach-World. So the greatness and admiration of this piece need no further evidences.

Above all we indeed, than and appreciate with great respect, the greatness of the Madras Christain CulturalCommunication Centre in honouring the real knowledge of literature, in respecting the high principles,-in encouoraging it by contribution of prizes, though this plece of work is a controversy to that of its own religious author, Mr. Deyva Nayagam.

We recommend with pride those who have a taste In research of Thirukkural to go through the famous, valuable treasure of the author Sri Jeevabandhu T.S.Sripal, "THIRUVALLUVAR VAZHTHUM AADHIBAGAVAN"
( š š) which will give full realisation for research workers.


Dated: 30-11-1972

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áШ ɢ츨. ɨ . Ȣ Ǣ. á¡ ý ¢, ġ, , Ҹ, ڸ ШȸǢ Ĩ Ȣ . Ÿ Ŀ . 򾨸 á Ȣר¡ ǧ Ȣ ĸ 즸. ; á . Ȣ Өȸ 츽Ţ, 񼧾 , 񼧾 ƦƢ, á á ؾ Ȣ׼¡. 򾨸 , . š Ȣ . , ɨ . 򾨸 Ģ 츽, Ƣ Ţ. ɧ á¡ Ȣ ġڸ ڸ ڸ ȨŸ Ȣ¨¡, .

¡ Ţ ¡? 츢Ⱦ ɢ áš.


Ţ 󾸡 ¡. , š, , , Ţ Ÿ 𦸡 . š ¡ Ӿ Ӿġ þ ġȢ, þ 츢Ǣ֧ 񸢧ȡ žǢ Ǣ áǢ š ŢՄ θȡ.

ɡ ġ즸𼡾 Ȣ ̨ Ӿ Ƣ Өȸ, Ţ, , š Шȸ . ¢ ¢ ̡ ȦȢ Ǣɡ. ȦȢ , Ũ ǡ š쨸 Ƣ. ġ ţΧ ȡ. ġ Ȣ žǢ, 츢Ǣ .

ţΧ 󾨸 ĸȢ Ţĸ Ȣ Ƣ. § Ӿ ĸ ġ¢.


èȢ Ǣ 񸢧ȡ. () Ǣ ġڸ θ. Ȣš, ¢ Ϩ¡, , . Ţ . 󾨸 š ŢՄ Ţ ɦ н ǡ ŧĢ Ţ¡ ĸ š ŢՄŨ Ž̸ȡ. 측𺢨 ƢǢ 츢 á Ҹ.

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