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Nastam kadachidupayast na rahugamyah

spashtikaroshi sahasa yugapajjaganti.

Nambhodharodara niruddha maha prabhavah

Suryatishayi mahimasi munindra ! loke.

O Monk among monks! Your unabounding glory is greater than that of the sun. The sun rises every day but sets as well, but the orb of your omniscience is ever shining, it never sets. The sun is eclipsed but you are passionless and infinitely virtuous; as such, no mundane passion or desire eclipses the glory of your virtues. The sun slowly rises over parts of the world, but the glow of your omniscience reaches every part of the world at once. The sunrays are obstructed by insignificant clouds, but there is nothing that can obstruct the radiance of your knowledge.