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Global Tranquility
A Sagacious Probe Within

* Ratanchand Shah

My poor little heart is pecked to a bloody mass by the extremely merciless massacres by the adamant militants. The carefully planned kidnappings, sweeping away of the whole civilization by earthquakes, eruptions of volcanoes, floods and famines etc. etc. The list is endless. But one thing is sure, the Global Peace is at stake. The time-bomb of the impending third world war has started ticking and unfortunately, no one knows when it will explode and bring in the utter chaos and doom.

Peace is not a merchandise. It is not available in any market nor can it be purchased at any price. The barter system just ogles at Peace helplessly, for Peace cannot be swapped. It is high time now we understood Peace lies within our minds, ourselves. The innermost vaults of our� minds are replete with ebbing Peace. God did not create us to disturb His world or its order, but certain circumstances such as hatred, itching for possession, ego, passion; for superiority and sovereignty leads us to become aggressive and to disturb our own and others� Peace. To stop this and to eradicate this vice, what the universe needs is Mutual Understanding and sense of Fraternity. We should understand that we and the world are creations and the whole world is our home, home sweet home. This goal ca be achieved when we plummet ourselves into the realms of non-attachment and non-violence. The sweet, mellow an juicy fruit of Global Peace will savour our eager mouths. There are umpteen number of examples in the chronicle of History that prove without doubt that disturbance of Peace is the root cause of chaotic upsurging of mal ice and hatred, lamentation and relentless repentance. Fathoming the depths of history, we chance upon the well -known example of Emperor Ashoka who, after he saw the aftermath of the Kalinga war, vowed never to hold any weapon in his hand, never to allow any kind of slaughter in his kingdom, and accepting the principles of human grace he started treading the path of Peace. This was the reign of Peace, the rule of tranquility. The most modern and latest example is that of Saddam Hussain, the supreme dictator of Iraq. Because of his stubborn sense of possessiveness, high and sky-rocking ambition, he held the Global Peace at stake. But the proverb, � Every dog has his day � came true in his case when he had to surrender himself to the Peace- yielding united forces led by the U. S. A. He held them at bay and escaped to his all-proof underground palace. All his boasts, braggings proved bubbles of air.

Jainism is the only existing ancient religion which aims at reaching the inner core of human mind, Peace, through non-violence. Sense of non-attachment attained through complete renunciation makes and prepares the mind that can give rise and birth to pure, chaste and sublimely healthy thoughts which can mould the complete civilization. None should have any thing in excess of others sparing themselves from the jealousy of the ones who have less. This way, believe it or not, we can even trace the roots of socialism in the principles of Jainism.

Thus, we can sum up by saying that every action and deed of ours must lead us towards mutual understanding, sense of fraternity and oneness with the universe. We are after all, human beings and humanity is our religion. By divorcing humanity, we should not lick the feet of rascality. Humanity should be our quasi purport. Each one of us should start worshipping the dignity of mankind. After all, in a broader sense, we are all brothers and sisters. We must adhere ourselves together with the strong bonds of universal fraternity. That day is not tong when the whole universe will breathe the pollution-free air of Global tranquility.

Peace Embodies the Golden Casket Of
Ubiquitous Religion

* Prin. Premchand Bhauchand Agre

We have just enough Religion to make us hate but not enough to make us love one another is a gem to be considered.

World is the biggest family of mankind. Peace is the base of full growth and progress of man. Shun hatred and plant love to convert bullets into flowers and battle fields into gardens. Homes, educational institutions, social sectors and Religious Temples, should be the centers to produce Ambassadors of Peace. It is very important to uplift the human values by imbibing optimistic thoughts in the individuals. Peace is the innermost cry of mankind. Human values in man should be of high degree to make man humane and to herald world Peace. The caste, the sect, the religions may be seen as barriers in promulgating peace but by the virtue of the principles and preaching of any Religion it is not true.

All the religions lead to the path of Peace. On the contrary, Peace is the base of all the Religions. The mellifluous confluence of all the Religions on the face of the earth will give us our idea ubiquitous Religion.

If this ubiquitous Religion is not considered, caste will create chaos in society, creed will grid the ill thoughts, sect will abolish secularism, which will keep the idea of fostering peace miles away from a man.

An ubiquitous Religion is the crown of humanity which is adorned by all other religions shining like gems. This idea encompasses all the religions, keeping intact its individuality.

It is that religion which has the noble principles that give importance to other living beings too. So, let us bring the whole world in a compact cell without any discrimination of caste, creed, sect and Religion where compassion will teach compassionate people to be kind enough to understand each other. The idea of co-existence, co-operation, cohesion, live and let others live, must be nourished and cherished by us all to avoid doom�s day and jeoparady.

In 1945, Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the spots in Japan, made the scientists, politicians and states-men of the world think over the problem as to how the world-peace has come into jeoparady. Less they think, more they will he entangled into the dangers of destruction�s. The after effects of the dropping of the atom-bombs resounded the cries of the people of Japan. Japan and Germany witnessed and experienced the power of destruction.

Many countries that are under spell of �isms� and the spread of their �isms� are to be taken into account before they use the destructive weapons.

The major countries like Soviet Russia, the U. S. A., the U. K., China, France are thinking to use the atomic power for the purpose of � Peace � in the world.

The world is standing on the brink of destruction through the media of Atomic Power. Whether to face annihilation or to survive for better life is a big question-mark before the big countries.

If we read the pages of history, there were wars, battles and revolutions but they never created the problem of peace. The incidents and happenings were for either supremacy over states or provinces or for the religious tenacity. Men were killed, slaughtering took place. In history Emperor Ashok�s lamentation and his repentance marked an everlasting goodness on human minds. Even now, in twentieth century his preachings remained unchallenged and unwithered. His monuments stand as hall-mark of peace and tranquility which were gifted by Bindusar.

Wars and battles made people think over peace. Psychology played an important role stop wars and battles. The Ramayana stands as a mark of forbearance, honesty, truth and sacrifice, a battle against injustice. Religion and character were the points of discussion, which are at present considered as a narrow-mindedness of the sages. The other epic, Mahabharata, stands for the rights and duties of the people. It mainly deals with the inner mind and salvation. Mind is the main instrument of human ability and disability.

Whether the epics and scriptures help to maintain peace in the world is a problem. During the last twenty years, we read, see and observe, the age-old epics, scriptures and fables pronouncing their voice. There is a way to establish peace. It is through ubiquitous Religion in which there is a way to control mind and body. The materialistic trend is brought under control.

Non-violence is the base of the preaching of all the religions. It is the mind which initially thinks of good and bad, right and wrong, duty and right. If we train our mind through ahimsak way of thinking, our minds will not be: provoked. The control of mind, control over body, control� over senses, make a way to peace. The scriptures proclaim control of the senses which play a major role in life. Our pleasure-hunting senses make or mar our life.

The modern scientific trend is to produce things and articles which give pleasure to mind and body. But in ism more stress is laid on the control of mind through omnipotent soul.

In Bhagawad-Geeta, the character of Lord Krishna is unique. He is not on any side of warring parties, such as Kaurawas and Pandawas. His advice is not for fight of material gains. Material gains are not an end in themselves.

They are only means towards eternal peace. It is Samayasara if we consider Krishna as soul of human. Peace is not outside the body, it is in the hearts of human beings.

Those who have peace of mind, can alone build a peaceful nation and society.

The present continents are lacking in personalities who should really have peace of mind. Their minds are full of their own way of life and their so called `isms� ( socialism, communism, groupism ) are dangerous to human peace.

International peace is at stake. Nobody knows when these powers will use their atomic weapons against one another.

How dreadful and fearful the effects of gases are! Just recently we have seen this in Bhopal Tragedy. It is a small leak of gas which led to a great calamity taking a toll of thousands. It is heard by many and witnessed by a few. There are more powerful weapons arranged for destruction on the borders of many big countries. They are posing to destroy each other. Where is the human touch ? Where is the humanity ? Where is the kindness and mercy ? All the hearts of the statesmen and diplomats are lurking in the shadow of death and doom. This philosophy, the scriptures, the religions, will be vanished in no time, leaving behind trains of wailing, mourning, deceased and crippled as happened in Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945.

We have to study the minds of the persons who invented the weapons of destruction and also we have to study the minds of the statesmen and politicians who plan to use these weapons for human destruction.

The Munis and Tirthankaras, sages, saints, messiahs never thought of producing such weapons. They never thought of violence. Their way of life was to think only of peace and peace alone.

The ascetics, munis and shravikas have played a great role in establishing peace and non violence when the society was treading the way of violence and sacrifice in the form �yajna,. How did it all happen? It is because of perfect preaching against violence alone.

Science is the symbol of progress and development but the progress will end and bring in doom within no time. The bomb of mind is more dangerous than the atom bomb itself. The heart and mind of the men who invent an atombomb are more powerful than bomb itself. It is time to train such minds and hearts which would think of the humanity and the survival of mankind.

At this juncture we need a mind, a heart which would teach the ideas of peace and tranquility. It is needless to discuss over the systems of education which prevailed during Vedic and Historical periods. They did not produce the weapons which would annihilate human race or cripple the human race. The educational systems were mainly founded for the betterment of mankind in general.

But the modern education is mainly marking the line towards the material wants and needs which cater to pleasure and pelf.

When a man runs after self, power and pleasures, naturally his heart and mind become blunt towards soft and tender things in life. � Squeeze � and � exploit � are his watch words.

The factories, mills, organisations, agricultural systems are all maintained and conducted for the production of great variety of needless things sometimes.

Man and his activities are aimlessly racing to hunt physical pleasure and so-called material happiness.

The houses, ways of living, dresses, cultural and entertaining programs have a special mark of western style which to disturb the peace of mind.

The incidents of assassination of Indira Gandhi, the chaos in Punjab, Khalistan, Gorkhaland and Bhopal Calamities, show political disturbance. In gulf, in Palestine we find a distinct mark of wrong way of treating life. Such incidents were never in the history of our nation.

It is only the human culture which proclaims the peaceful way of life based on non-violence, and the restrain of mind. If we want to introduce a culture for peace in the world, it can only be done through this system of life.

As a seed is a cause of a Tree, so mind is the cause for the body-play and the activities of human behaviour.

In Jaina religion we find the seeds of peaceful mind which will not create any weapon that would destroy the mankind.

Now we have to see that the modern generation forms mach a mind which would not think of violence. It can only ho done through the preaching of ubiquitous religion and its Teaching.

Now educational institutions are becoming powerful moans of moulding the characters of children. So in curricular we have to set a pattern of non violence.

We should have an idea to establish a laboratory for mind. We know laboratories and workshops are established for research and production, but we want to establish a laboratory to study the activity of mind. It is the mind that makes bell of heaven and heaven of hell. So we want to scan the mind�s activity. If we study the human race, we come to know that all have same limbs. They drink same water which comes from the same source. The food which is produced from the water is the same. But the thousands of human beings are different. All blood is red in colour and never goes beyond four groups. The basic contents are the same. It is produced the same way. It the same work in the body irrespective of caste and creed, sect or religion. The forms, shapes, ideas and experiences are different. Why ? is a question mark. Scientists must work on the point of the origin of thoughts.

So we want to establish a laboratory to study the mind which thinks of both peace and war. Competition is one of the factors which is a hidden power in the flow of blood. So is the laboratory to study blood cells. Healthy competition should be started.

To shun unhealthy competition, ubiquitous principles and way of life must be adopted. Non-violence is the watch-word in omnivagology. Human philosophy mainly deals with the problem as to how to control senses and amorous feelings. It also tells not to have things more than necessary The paraphernalia of life as we now see and enjoy was not at all present in old days. Still people were happy and had peace of mind. In the history the period of Harsha Vardhana and others was known as � Golden age �. People enjoyed peace and tranquility.

Pure thoughts, and honest acts only create pure and healthy mind. Humanity is the only way to establish peace. The qualities like truth, non-violence, kindness, sympathy, will lead to the peaceful nature. Hatred and malice lead to death. They create only unrest in the mind. So we must study the minds of people and find the way out.

We have to introspect ourselves and then come to know that all are equal. As we have wants and needs, so also our neighbours. We love ourselves, our home, our children, similarly we should love our neighbours. Then only peace will be established.

Castes, creeds, communities, religions, sects, are all secondary things as far as humanity is considered.

It is no secret that international atmosphere is now highly charged with hatred and malice. The danger to peace had never been so great.

In many of the international meetings, summit talks, it was discussed that man should not have any fear for his own destiny but for the destiny of the children and their future.

The states should not waste money carelessly on the arrangements of the visits of political leaders of different countries, who do every thing to banish the ideas of wars from the life of mankind.

Today the world stands on the quicksand of an uneasy peace. The second world war was over, leaving behind its waiting train of thoughts.

We can create a glorious atmosphere of universal brotherhood and peace, if our politicians and statesmen have a sympathetic view of human understanding.

Hunger, scarcity exploitation, capture of markets, supremacy over the territory, spread of cults and �isms�, are the causes of wars and battles. Those who are living under these conditions, provoke wars.

War starts in the minds of men and not on battle fields. I lie desire for peace, truth, truthful labour and friendship must be our watch-words in the modern world.

We are convinced that the part of colossal means now living squandered all over the world on armaments, could be diverted to finance economic advancement to combat hunger and poverty, develop economic advancement to combat hunger and poverty, develop public health system rind provide cultural facilities in the third world countries.

War with the use of modern weapons of immensely destructive power can only lead to death and the end of n culture.

A noble and Godlike character is not a thing of favour or change but it is the natural result of continued effort in right thinking. The effect is long cherished association with Godlike thoughts. An ignoble and bestial character by the same process is the result of the continued harboring of groveling thoughts.

Man is made and unmade by himself. In the armoury of thoughts he forges the weapons by which he destroys himself. He also fashions the fools with which he builds for himself heavenly mansions of joy and strength of peace. fly the right choice and true application of thought, man ascends to the Divine Perfection. By the abuse and wrong application of thought, he descends below the level of the beast.

Man is the master of his thoughts, the moulder of character, the maker and shaper of conditions, environment mid destiny.

All the messiahs were rich in thoughts and behaviour. They could have enjoyed their lives in a palace, and luxury would have been their way of life. But they relinquished ail material world for the sake of human betterment. They accepted a way of life which would be an example in itself to be followed by the generations to come. During the period of their preachings they were offered many temptations to which they turned their backs.

� Hate is death and to love is to iive�, � Live and let live � was the important preaching. The destiny of the peace-loving world is not written on the face of the bullets and guns and nor even atom bombs would establish peace. It can only be established through the preaching, teaching following and adopting the human way of life and pattern of behaviour.

Einstein�s principle E=MC2 is not a new formula. Landing on the moon was not unknown to our people. Soviet Russia and the U. S. A. had journey to the moon. It is a poor show of strength of space-travel. Though helping to achieve scientific space know how, in no way it is helping to the peaceful way of life. On the contrary it is a threat to peace-loving nations as the negative thinking goes on rampage.

The scientists are bent upon finding more and more power of atom and its energy. They had better use their energy to find out the means to establish peace in the world. They fail to understand that peace is far away from the research of Atom.

Cosmos stands for peace and not for destruction. Annihilation is not the way of life. Cosmic rays are there to maintain peace in the cosmos and not for destruction.

As proclaimed by Mahavir, peace should come through penance, peace, through non-violence, through truth.

The Sun emits rays which help to sustain life. So peace-loving hearts should emit rays of peace and only peace.

Life produces life, death causes death, peace should yield only peace and not unrest.

Those who sacrificed lives for the cause of peace, have no doubt, left the seeds of peace behind.

We hope the seeds will not go unheeded. It is the seed which gives birth to trees. Trees may wither and vanish but the seed remains for ever.

The seed of peace will remain eternal. As a man acts and conducts himself, so he becomes the doer of good. If the doer does evil, he becomes evil. One becomes virtuous by virtuous action and sinful by sinful action. Men say that man is made by desires but it is not so. Desire causes thinking and makes him think otherwise.

Penance, self control, alms-giving, non-violence pro important for the human way of life.

It is the need of time to think over, once again, human philosophy which explains more of peace and non-violence. I From the beginning of the human era the preachers cultivated the mind of society by teaching scriptures, agriculture and all types of knowledge. Humanity is the base of progress and peace. It is the symbol of eternal peace. It enlightens the path of peace.

In short :

- Co-existence of all the living beings is very important.

- Co-operation among the human beings is a must.

- Be compassionate.

- Be considerate.

- Try to understand the feelings of all living beings.

- Shun hatred.

- Sow the seeds of love.


Remember a Gem

We need more understanding of human nature, because the only real danger, that exists is man himself. We know nothing of man, far too little. His psyche should be studied because we are the origin of all coming evils.

� Let us remain for Peace �.