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- By Manubhai Doshi

Aacharang: Name of the first Jain Aagama

Aagama: Jain scripture

Aavashyak Sutra: Name of an auxiliary essential scripture

Aayu: Life span

Achakshudarshan: Perception beyond eyesight

Adharma: Absence of religion; One of the six basic substances

Adharmastikaya: One of the six basic substances

Age regression: Reverting to earlier behavior pattern

Aghatiya: Karma that does not hurt soul

Ajiva: Lifeless

Ajnan: Ignorance

Akam Nirjara: Unplanned dripping of Karma

Akash: Space

Akashastikaya: Space

Akendriya: One sensed bodies

Alokakash: Empty space

Anand: Bliss, pleasure

Anantanubandhi: Bondage of apparently endless duration

Anant Chatushthaya: Infinite knowledge, perception, action and vigor

Anashan: Not to eat

Anekanta Vad: Multiplicity of view points

Anga: Part; any of the first 12 Aagamas

Anivratti Badar: 9th stage of elevation

Antahkrit Kevali: One attaining omniscience and liberation simultaneously

Antaraya: Obstructing Karmas; obstruction

Anubhag: Intensity

Anubhav: Intensity

Anuvrata: Minor restraint

Apkaya: Hydraulic bodies

Apramatta Virat: Restraint without indolence; 7th stage of elevation

Apratyakhyanavaraniya: Defilements uncontrollable by vows

Apurvakaran: Unprecedented performance; 8th stage of


Arihant: One who has overcome internal enemies; Omniscient

Ashan: Eating

Ashatavedaniya: Situations bearable with pain

Ashrav: Inflow of Karma

Ashta Karma: Eight types of Karmas

Ashubha: Unwholesome

Asrav: Inflow of Karma

Astikaya: What occupies more than one Pradesh

Atma: Soul

Avadhidarshan: Limited extrasensory perception

Avadhijnana: Limited extrasensory knowledge

Aversion: Resentment

Avirat(i) Samyag: Right perception without restraint; 4th stage of elevation

Ayogi Kevali: Unembodied omniscient; 14th stage of elevation

Bandha: Bondage

Bhagavati Sutra: Name of an original Aagama

Bhogantaraya: Karma that obstructs utilization of consumables

Brahma: Soul