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Chapter-1 : The Vegetarian Way


Mix ingredients together,

Tos in little flair,

Serve to everyone you know

Topped with a tiny prayer,

May every measure of happiness

Be yours for a lifetime!

Secret Ingredient


Gujarati: Prem: Hindi: Prem:

         I have found that love is the ultimate spice of life.  When used generously, it enriches and enhances the flavor of life as well as food.  Remember: before entering into the kitchen check your state of mind and emotions.  Be in a centered, loving state when cooking.  Cooking with love generates a tremendous power transmuting food particles into health giving morsels.  Love stimulates the necessary enzymes in the body thus making one healthy, happy and wholesome.  Love has the power to change the flat and tasteless food into palatable and tasteful fare.

          Love is also important while eating the food.  Food eaten with love and appreciation digests well and nourishes the whole body (body, mind and spirit) We must show our family today the advantage of loving vibrations for a brighter and lighter tomorrow.

           Here is an example to illustrate how love and hated had ill effects on the human condition:

          In a remote village of India there lives a father, mother and their two sons, one of them being a stepson.  The mother used to feed both of them lead (a ball made of sesame seeds, coconut and jugglery) daily.  After a year, her own son gained weight and her stepson did not show any such improvement.  Both the children were served the same food.  The baffled father asked the doctor about this.  The father was amazed to find put that her own son was always served first,. With lat. of love, affection, care and warmth.  But when the stepson was served, she practically banged the plate of lade when she placed it before him. She abused him, hated him for being alive and cursed him.  The father immediately realized that lack of love and affection can hinder physical, mental and psychological growth.  Hate is like an acid,. Which corrodes the vessel; in which it is stored and the vessel into which it is poured.

          I invite you to form your own opinion by experimenting with this secret ingredient and subtle yet powerful principle in your own preparation and presentation and observe the results.

Glossary of Spices

Their Description and Uses


Gujarati: Sowa; Hindi: Valaiti Saunf

Description: Aniseed is a herbaceous plant belonging to the Ajowan (Bishop�s weed) family grown as a garden herb in India.  It is greyish-brown in color having an oval shape.  It has a licorice-like smell and pleasant sweet taste.

Uses: It is used in cookery for flavoring confectionery goods, beverages and liquors.  It is good for digestion, for colds and used as diuretic stimulant and carminative.  Fresh leaves of the plant are used as garnishing and flavoring for salads.


Gujarati: Hing; Hindi: Hing

Description: Asafoetida is the dried gum oleoresin oozed of a Ferula plant species.  It is bitter and sharp in taste and gives out a strong pungent smell because of the presence of sulphur compounds.  It is sometimes called �Devil�s Dung.�

Uses: Asafoetida is used as flavoring for vegetables, curries, pickles, sauces, pules and beans.  Medicinally, it is used to correct gastric troubles caused buy over-eating and indigestion.  Sometimes it is applied externally on the stomach to stimulate the intestines and relieve gastric pains.