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Scale of living beings

  Means whereby the right attitude maybe obtained

Thirty-five rules of conduct


Fourth stage of development-part-2


Fifth stage of development


Twelve special rules of conduct


Sixth to fourteenth stages of development

  Synthesis or Recapitulatiion


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  1. Three process (karana), and

  2. Thirty Rules of Conduct.

The man who wishes to attain to the right attitude of mind towards life, truth, and the universe, must pass through three processes. When the work to be done in these three processes has been accomplished, then the "knot": spoken of in the scale of living being just given is cut. There is then the control of the first three sub-divisions of class, four of the first three sub-divisions of class, four of energies (mentioned in earlier chapter) and control of the life-long intensity of anger, pride, deceitfulness, and greed; and then the lowest degree of the right attitude is attained and the signs mentioned above will manifest themselves.


The work done in the first process is an enormous reduction of the length of time that any particular foreign energy that we may generate may stay with us before it is naturally worked out. And when the living being experiences the feeling that this whole embodied life is misery it shows that this work of reduction has been done.


The work done in the second process is a still further reduction even if it be only a reduction of 48 minutes. And when the living being experiences for the first time a desire to remove the worst degree of anger, etc., above referred to, it shows that this further reduction has been effected.


The third process is the actual control of the worst degree of anger, etc., so that it does not arise, it is checked by the mind directly it is felt to be rising.

The "knot" spoken of above is the attack on us of our inborn likes and dislikes, especially as to convictions regarding conduct, that it is right (or wrong) to kill, hunt, fish, etc.

With regard to the first process, it is possible only for a being with the five senses and a mind to pass through this experience. But this experience that embodies life is a misery may be felt an infinite number of times and still the living being may not pass into the second process. Animals, birds, and fish are being who have the five senses and a mind, and a fish may experience this first process.