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  Consideration of aspects or ways of knowing things

Man as he actually Is



  Causes of karmas
  Man as he may become
  Means to the end
  Stages of development (GUNASTHANA)
  First stage of development
  Second stage of development
  Third stage of development
  Fourth stage of development Part-1
  Love (Daya)
  Soiling of the right attitude

Scale of living beings

  Means whereby the right attitude maybe obtained

Thirty-five rules of conduct


Fourth stage of development-part-2


Fifth stage of development


Twelve special rules of conduct


Sixth to fourteenth stages of development

  Synthesis or Recapitulatiion


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The means whereby an embodied soul can become a pure or liberated soul.

The underlying principles upon which these theories are based are : (1)the fact of the existence of soul, whose characteristic is knowledge (jiva); (2) the fact of the existence of matter of any other real thing which has no consciousness (ajiva); (3) impure souls draw matter towards themselves (asarva), and (4) incorporate it with their own being (bandha); thus has the embodied state of the soul been perpetuated, death being followed by birth elsewhere in a material body. Now if this state of affairs is ever to cease, (5) the influx of matter must be stopped (samvara) and (6) the matter already in combination with the soul must be removed (nirjara). Then (7) when this is accomplished the soul will live in everlasting enjoyment of all its own natural qualities (moksa).