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          He had one daughter, Smt. Katla Jain who also expired in March 1985. His Daughter-in-law, Smt. Padmavati Jain (wife of Shri Prem Chandra Jain) also expired in Sept. 1983.

          In order to perpetuate his memory the said Trust donated a sum of Rs. 50,000/- and about 150 books on Jaina Studies to the University of Delhi, Delhi which on its part instituted Shri Raj Krishen Jain Memorial Lectures on `Jaina Studies and Allied Topics like Ahimsa, Aparigraha, Anekanta, etc., and Their Relationship to the Challenges of Our Times�. According to the stipulation, a sum of Rs. 5,000/-will be proffered annually to each speaker under this scheme who will deliver at least two lectures.


Lectures under these series have been delivered by


l.        Dr. Govind Chandra Pande             :         The then Vice              Chancellor,

�Jain Ethical Tradition and                      University of Rajsthan,

Its Relevance�                                           Jaipur.


2.       Dr. D.S. Kothari                               :         Chancellor, Jawaharlal

�Some Thoughts on Science                     Nehru University,

and Religion�.                                            New Delhi.


3.       Justice T.K. Tukol                                     :         Rtd. Chief Justice,

�Yoga, Meditation and                              Karnataka High Court,

Mysticism in Jainisim�                              Bangalore.


4.       Dr. B.R. Saksena                                       :         The then Director,

� Jainism : Its Contribution                       Ganganath Jha

to Indian Thought and Its                                   Research Institute,

Relevance to Indian Religious                            Allahabad



5,       Dr. Nathmal Tatia                                     :         Director, Jaina

�The Place of Jaina Philosophy                         Vishva Bharati,

in Indian Thought�                                              Ladnun (Rajasthan)


6.       Dr. T.G. Kalghatgi                           :         The then Director,

�Jaina Logic and Epistemology�              Institute of Jainology,

Mysore University, Mysore


7.       Dr. Kailash Chand Shastri              :         The then Principal,

�Bharatiya Dharma Evam                        Syadvada Sanskrit

Ahimsa�                                                     Mahavidyalaya, Varanasi


8.       Dr. Jagdish Chandra Jain               :         Rtd. Director, Institute

�Jaina Katha Sahitya:                               of Prakrit & Jainology,

Vividha Rupon Mein                                  Vaishali

(resident at Bombay).


9.       Dr. Krishna Datt. Bajpai                           :         Formerly Professor, Deptt.

�Jaina Art and Archaeology�                             of History Sagar University,                                                                      Sagar (M.P.)


10.     Dr. Darbari Lal Kothia                    :         Parshvanath Jaina

�Jaina Nyaya: Udgama Aur                      Institute ( B.H.U.)

Vikasa.�                                                     Varanasa


11.     Dr. Mohan Lal Mehta                      :         Prof. of Jaina Philosophy,

�Jain Theory of� Knowledge�                            Deptt. of Philosophy,                                                                                 Poona University, Pune.


12. Sh. Jagan Nath                                    :         Retd. Head

Aggarwal                                                   Deptt. of Sanskrit.

�Jains� Contribution to Secular                Punjab University.

Sanskrit Literature and Its                        Chandigarh



13.     Dr. B.K. Khadabadi                         :         Formerly Professor of                                                                               Jainology,

�Shravakachara, Its                                  Karnataka University.

Significance and Relevence                       Dharwad



14.     Dr. Vilas A. Sangave                        :         Hon. Director,

�Jain Society Through the                        Shahu Research Institute,

Ages�                                                                   Shivaji University,                                                                                      Kolhapur.


          Some of these lectures have already been Published and tile rest are under the process of printing.

          The Trust is now being managed amongst others by his only son, Shri Prem Chandra Jain and his three grandsons, Shri Bharat Bhushan Jain, Advocate; Dr. Desh Bhushan Jain, M.B.B.S., M.S. and Shri Dharam Bhushan Jain, Chartered Accountant. The Trust is carrying on many social and religious activities like actively participating in (a) the constructing of Jambu Deep at Hastinapur (the only structure in the world which depicts the whole cosmos according to the Jaina texts), (b) Construction of Shrimati Krishnadevi Rajkrishen jain Dhaval-Uddhar Griha at Moodbidri in Karnataka to house 1500 years old palm-leaf manuscripts idols made from emerald etc., (c) construction of Shrimati Padmavati Premchandra Jain Library at Shravan Belgola where stands 57 ft. high collosal statue of Bhagwan Bahubali, (d) establishment of Shri Rajkrishen Jain Shisya Vritti in the Department of Jainology and Prakrita in Mysore University and donation to Hindi Vishwa Vidyapceth Wardha and so on. During the 25th Nirvan Centenary of Bhagwan Mahavira the Trust further donated books on Jaina Studies to all the Universities of India, Vasava Samiti Bangalore, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, etc. and also constructed for the use of the general public electrically operated automatic cold water poise at Ahimsa Mandir, Daryaganj and Hindi Park, Daryaganj, New Delhi and also donated electrically operated automatic water coolers to Boys School in Kuncha Seth and Girls School in Dharampura, Delhi. The Trust has also donated a well for the use of Sarakas in village Polma (Bihar).

          Kothi at 1-Daryaganj, of late Dr. M.A. Ansari where Gandhiji and other National Leaders used to stay and the meetings of the Indian National Congress were held many a times and where Lord Irwin, the then Viceroy of India came to sign an agreement with Gandhiji had been donated to the Trust created by Shri Raj Krishen Jain in the name of Smt. Krishna Devi Raj Krishen Jain Smriti Grih. It is on roughly about 2500 sq. yds. of land and is being used for charitable and social functions.