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Jainism  -  Respect For All Life



By  Myrtle Langley

For a religion of only 3 million people, almost all of whom live in India, Jainism has wielded an influence out of all proportion to its size and its distribution.  This influence has been felt most keenly in the modern world through Mahatma Gandhi.  Although not himself a Jain, he grew up among Jains and embraced their most distinctive doctrine; non-violence to living beings (Ahimsa).  But the influence of Jainism has also been felt in the Jain contribution to India�s banking and commercial life.

As Buddhists are followers of the Buddha (the enlightened one), so Jains are the followers of the Jina (the conqueror), a title applied to Vardhamana, last of the great Jain teachers.  It is applied also to those men and women who, having conquered their passions and emotions, have achieved liberation and attained perfection.  And so the very name Jainism indicates the predominantly ethical character of this religion.