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Response to Contemporary Issue



Science and technology have created a new world of prosperity, but material gain has been purchased with a spiritual loss that has global consequences not only for human life upon this planet but for the planet itself.  As a result, there seems to be a trend, often politicized, for people to return to their spiritual roots.  Jaina ethics is relevant to the quest of modern man for they satisfy not only the value orientation of the individual, but of society.  They find the basis of these values in a spirituality that is as deep as it is open and tolerant.

The Jaina scriptures indeed show us the way to escape material bondage within this world, but the ethical path they prescribe takes us through all the highways and byways of this mortal life.  Society is never overlooked.  Human welfare is all times taken seriously.  The Tirthankaras whom Jaina worship are known to have led full social lives before attaining salvation.  Contemporary Jains are a prosperous community.  There is therefore no modern custom or usage from which the Jain must abstain, as long as it does not conflict with the ethical principles of the Jaina faith.

We turn now to the ethical issues of our own day.  Eminent scholars of different religious traditions have addressed these problems with deep insights, but the problems persist.  We shall therefore make a modest attempt to find some solution to these problems in the light of the principles of Jainism.