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Jivaraja Jaina Granthmala, No. 20

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I have pleasure in presenting the second edition of the Jaina View of Life. I am greatful to the scholars of the Jaina Studies for their kind appreciation. In this edition I have revised some portions of the papers included in the first edition. I have added the following papers in this edition � 1. Right understanding � some hurdels, published in studies in Indian Philosophy (L.D. Institute of Indology, Ahmedabad 1981) and 2. Jaina Mysticism published in the procedings of the Indian Philosophical Congress 1961 - 1965.

I am greatful to The Jaina Samskrit Samrakshaka Sangha, Solapur for having got the book published in the second edition.  I sincerely thank M/s. Manohar Printing Press, Dharavad specially Shri Ravi Akalwadi, for the dareful and fine printing of the book.


Savanur Nawab Plots

Dharwad 580008


T. G. Kalghati

Ret. Professor of Jainology and Prakrits

University of Mysore.