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About This Book (Translator's Prelude)












Translated by


(D.M.E., D.T.Ed.)

Manager, Materials Management Deptt.

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Review and Editing by


M.Com., LL.B., Sahitya Ratna

Visiting Professor

Institute of Management, Devi Ahilya University







Department of Publication

Shri Todarmal Smarak Bhawan

A-4 Bapu Nagar, Jaipur 302004


Published by:

Kund-Kund Kahan Tirth Suraksha Trust


Price Rs. 80/-


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Jaipur Printer Pvt. Ltd.

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In this 20th century this Moksha Marg Prakashak has turned the eyes of thousands of people all over India and abroad towards the right path of salvation.  Whosoever curiously reads this book, surrenders his false belief before its author Acharyakalpa Pt.Todarmalji and accepts his treatise to be the gist of omniscient preaching and compendium of Jain Philosophy; and feels indebted to him.  I too knew the importance of this book in 1966 AD through Pujya Shri Kanji Swami of Songad (Saurashtra, India) and read it several times concentratedly.  I am highly indebted to both of them and pay my hearty tributes to them.


In fact, the whole of Jain Society is indebted to Pt.Todarmalji for his unique gift of "Moksha Marg Prakashak" and " Samyagjnan-Chandrika" because all this he wrote in the spoken language of his time.  Although he could not complete the work of " Moksha Marg Prakashak" in which he wanted to elaborate various other related topics.  However, in his short span of life, he contributed significantly to Jaina Philosophy and enriched Jaina literature with an enduring stamp of authenticity.  He re-established the faith in Tattvas in their true perspective sense through logically approved facts.  His vast knowledge and philosophical ability is reflected in this book, which in fact embraces the entire range of Jaina canon and philosophical intricacies.  It is because of this book he was conferred the title of 'Acharyakalpa' (a highly knowledgeable person like an Acharya monk).


The prime object of this book is to point out the true practical and scientific method of self-realization as laid down by the Jaina Tirthankaras who rose to the highest height of perfection with its aid.  No effort has been spared by Todarmalji to make this book as self-contained and complete in its subject.  The subject- matter is presented in a very effective manner through question-answer style, which explains Jainism both to a lay reader and to a learned scholar.


His philosophy is not a mere encyclopedia of logically approved facts but it is creative and synthetic too. It is this trait which distinguishes him from mere religious leadership.  His genius was so critical and subtle that he fused an enormous amount of knowledge into a unified whole and exerted immeasurable influence on scholars, philosophers, and religious leaders then around him.  His illustrated teachings through question-answer style of description had a wider and more popular appeal than any other Indian Scholar or saint. His teachings are based upon the belief that the moral questions could not find satisfactory answers without an integrated knowledge of seven Tattvas. The central theme of his preaching is to realize the self-soul by giving up false belief knowledge and conduct and this is possible through right understanding of seven Tattvas only because there are deeper stamps & impressions of misconceptions and distorted understandings upon our minds about these Tattvas.


With the view to keep myself engaged in the study of Jaina Scriptures and attain self-realization. I dared to translate this great work of Pt. Todarmalji into English, which took about three years (1984-86) to complete.


My sincere thanks are to my friend Prof. Shri Jamnalal Jain (Devi Ahilya University of Indore), himself a keen student of Jain Philosophy, for taking great pains in thoroughly checking and correcting the translation by rearranging the sentences for maintaining true sense of original book and giving fluency to language.  I very sincerely acknowledge and feel gratitude towards him for his whole-hearted co-operation without which this re-edition would have not been possible.


I am also thankful to Late Shri S. Gajapathi Jain of Tiruppanamoor (Madras) for his valuable suggestion regarding translation of this book, when I met him personally at his residence in May 1986. I also thank my friend Shri N. C. Mavani (M. Tech), Sion, Bombay for providing Photostat copies of my English manuscript for getting the translation checked. My thanks are also due to my friends Dr. Pt. U. C. Jain, M.A. , Ph.D, Seoni, Dr. Pt. D.K Jain, M.A., Ph.D (Professor Govt. College Neemuch) Pt. Rajmal Jain, Bhopal, Shri Suresh Jain, IAS, Bhopal, Shri V.C. Shripalan, Madras, for giving useful suggestions in this venture.


 Although I have tried my level best not to deviate from the original text and enough care has been taken to maintain the true meaning and sense, however to convey accurately the original sense by translation in English language is not easy, especially of longer sentences written by Panditji. I therefore, request the learned readers to forgive me for the errors still left and which may be entirely due to my own limitation and negligence. Readers are gratefully requested to send their valuable suggestions, which may be utilized in the next edition. Ignoring my errors in translation even if a single soul is inspired by this book to seek the truth in right direction, I shall consider my efforts amply rewarded.


In the end I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Shri Kund-Kund Kahan Tirtha Suraksha Trust Bombay, particularly Br. Shri Dhanya Kumarji Belckar, Devlali and Shri Vasant Bhai Doshi Bombay, for their decision to publish this book in English and for keeping the price below actual cost. My thanks are also due to Shri Nemichandji Patni, and Dr. Hukamchandji Bharilla both of Todarmal Smarak Trust  Jaipur, for their keen interest and whole-hearted cooperation in the early publication of this book and to Shri Sohan Lalji Jain, Jaipur Printers, Jaipur; Shri Rajmal Jain, Jaipur (Susheel Printers, Jaipur).




 An humble disciple of Shri Kund-Kund Acharya & Pt. Todarmalji



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15 May, 1992