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Appendix I - Nature of Noble Peaceful Death



Nature of Noble Peaceful Death

(Samadhimarana Ka Swaroopa)

-(by Pt. Gumani Ramji S/o Great Pt. Todarmalji)


Oh! Capable (potential) soul! Listen! Now the nature of Samadhimarana (peaceful noble death) is being described:-Samadhi is the name of the state of passionlessness and serenity.  Samadhimarana consists in dying with discriminative knowledge and passionless serenity thoughts.  In belief this much only is the description of Samadhimarana.  Detailed description is given ahead. 


The natural characteristics of a right-knowledged person is such that he yearns for Samadhimarana only. He always harbors this feeling only.  In the end, when death is nearer, he becomes alert in the same way as a sleeping lion becomes alert, whom some person challenges: �O! Lion! enemies� army is attacking you, make effort and come out of the cave.  So long as the enemies� army is away, you should get ready and conquer the army of enemies.  It is customary for great personages that they get ready before the enemy becomes alert�.


Listening to such words of that person, the lion immediately got up and made such a great roar (howling) as if in the month of Aashaadha (July) the Lord Indra (celestial chief God) himself might have roared.


Knowing the end of the life nearer the right-knowledged person (enlightened self) becomes alert like a lion and gives up cowardness at once.


How is a true believer?


In his heart, that nature of soul appears resplendently manifested.  Possessing the light of knowledge, he is full with sapid of bliss.  He clearly knows himself only the Chaitanya Deva (sentient God) full of infinite imperishable attributes.  By virtue of such glory only, he does not have even the slightest attachment in non-self substances.


Why is a true Believer Unattached?


Why does a true believer not indulge in attachment? He knows himself as knower, seer (perceiver), distinctly separate from non-self substances, eternal and imperishable and knows other substances as well as attachment, etc. (passions) as to be transient/short-lived, non-eternal and distinctly different from one�s own nature.  Why should a true believer have any fear? xxx