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(11) �ayariya�l.m., taposa Elena ca gurakah.

                       �Brh. kalp. Bha. IV, 3304.


(12) If the acarya, while on tour, did not consult the members of his party regarding a proper residence�then masalaghu.

                               �Ibid. II, 1456-63.


(13) One who was attached to a particular residence and stayed there with lax behavior�mula.

                            �Angd. 7, 55, comm.


 (14) For accepting a residence previously occupied by heretics or that which was originally built by the owner for himself and later on handed over to the monks� calvaro laghaka.


(15) For accepting a residence where sinful fire activity was frequently done the Brahmans, or that which was specially built for the monks, or that which was built for a particular sect of monks�calvaro guravah.

                          �Brh. kalp. Bha., II, 1456ff.







(1) For begging food twice in a daymasalaghu.

(2) For begging food thrice�masaguru.

(3) For begging food four times caturlaghu,

(4) For begging food five times�caturguru.

(5) For begging food six times� sadloghu.

(6) For begging food seven times�sadguru.

(7) For begging food eight times�cheda.

(8) For begging food nine times�mula.

(9) For begging food ten times -anavasthapya.

(10) For begging food eleven times� parancika. �Brh. kalp. Bha. II, 1697-1700




Udgama faults:


(1) Adhakarma�catvaro gurukah


(2) Auddesika�catvaro gurakah


(3) Misra�catvaro gurukah


(4) (Badara)�catvaro gurukah.


(5) Abhyahrta�catvaro gurukah.


(6) Kita�masaguru.


(7) Putika�masaguru.


(8) Adhyavapuraka�masaguru.


(9) Sthapita�masalaghu.


(11) Pramitya�masalaghu.


(12) Krita�masalaghu.


(13) Parivartita�masalaghu.


(14) Svagrama abbyahrta�masalaghu.


(15) Pihita�masolaghu.


(16) Malapahrta�masalaghu.


(17) Itvara sthapita�pancaratrindinani.


(18) Suksma~prabhrtikayam;� pancaratrindinani.


For the rest of the Udgama dosas�catvaro laghukah;


Utpadana faults:


(1) Nimitta� catvaro gurukah.


(2) Mayapinda�masaguru.


(3) Cikitsapinda� laghuko masah.


(4) Vacanasamstava� laghako masah.


(5) Mula� laghuko masah.


(6) For the rest� catvaro laghukah.


(7) Accepting food from a leper or an eunuch� catvaro laghukah.