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(16) �Do�rupees 10000 _ mula


(17) �Do - rupees 50000�anavasthapya


(18) �Do�rupees 100000�parancika

           �Brh. kalp. Bha. IV, 3893-98.


(19) For wearing a garment like a turban�      masalaghu.


(20) For so arranging the garment on the shoulder that it hangs down like a cow's tail�masalaghu


(21) For covering both the shoulders like a nun�

                 Catvaro laghavah.


(22) For so arranging the ends of the upper garment on the shoulders that it appears like the garuda      bird�catvaro gurumasah.


(23) For putting on the dress like that of a householder�Hula.


(24) Putting on the clothes of a householder�c.p.u. � Nis. XII, 11.


(35) Exchanging clothes without the consent of the ganin�c.p.u.

�Nis. XVIII, 21-64.


(26) Coloring an uncolored cloth and vice versa� c.p.u.



(27) Getting the samphadi of a nun stitched by a      heretic or the owner of the lodge�c.p.u.

                                   �Nis. XII, 7.




(1) Crossing or swimming the following five great rivers twice or thrice within a month�Ganga, Jauna, Sarau, Eravai, Mahi�c.p.u.

�Nis. XII, 42.

(2) getting into the boat with bad intentions; buying, selling, bringing on credit or exchanging the boat, or making others to do so; pushing the boat into water from the ground or vice versa; helping in taking out a grounded boat; working as a helmsman; getting into a boat which is going up or down the stream; pulling or stopping the boat by a rope; taking out water from the boat by either a pot or an alms-bowl or an earthen vessel; covering the hole in the boat by means of hand, foot, leaves and bamboo in order to stop water getting in; accepting food in the boat�c.p.u.

                             �Nis. XVIII, 1-20.


(3) Touring during regular rains�c.p.a.

�Nis. X, 40-43.


(4) Frequently entering into or coming out of inimical, anarchical or rebellion-infected regions, or approving of anybody else doing so�c.p.a.

                    �Nis. XI, 71; Ralph. I, 38.


(4a) One who wandered alone and condemned the law of the Jina �Mula.

                       �Angd. VII, 55, comm.


(5) If out of attachment for a place, a party of monks stays there for more than eleven days, then parancika.

                       �Brh. kalp. Bha. II, 1555-59.


(6) If a gitartha wandered alone� caturlaghu.


(7) If an agitartha wandered alone� caturguru.

                       �Brh. kalp. Bha. I, 694-5.


(8) For touring with a heretical nun in a woman's dress at day time�laghukaccheda


(9) �Do�with an eunuch�gurakoccheda


(10) �Do�at night�Mula


(11) �Do with a Jaina nun at day�anavasthapya


(12) �Do�with a Jaina nun at night�parancika.


�Brh. kalp. Bha., II, 886-88.


(13) Resorting to a short cut by day�masalaghu


(14) �Do�at night�masaguru


(15) Walking carelessly at day�masalaghu


(16) �Do�at night�masaguru


(17) One who wandered alone and condemned the law of the Jinas� Mula

                       �Angd. 7, 55, comm.'




 (1) if a monk, going out of the Gana for the sake of practicing the 'egallaviharapadima', returns without completing it,�cheya or parihara


                                         �Vav. I, 25.



(1) Praising the types of death which are designated as 'balamarana'�c.p.a.

           �His. XI, 92.