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Chapter - 1



Who are  the Arihant Bhagwans?

Arihant Bhagwans are kevalis or Jinas who have conquered their inner passions and have destroyed their all four Ghati Karmas.


What are the  different  types of Arihant  Bhagwans?

There are two types of Arihant  Bhagwans. They are Ordinary Arihants and Tirthankar Arihants.


Who is the Tirthankar Arihants?

Those Arihants who reestablish Jain Tirth are called Tirthankar Arihants.


Who is the Ordinary Arihants?

Those Arihants who do not reestablish the Jain Tirth are called ordinary arihants.


How many dreams does the Tirthankar's Mother get?

Tirthankar's Mother gets fourteen or sixteen dreams.


Can you  name the fourteen  dreams?

Fourteen dreams are:

  1)  Elephant

  2)  Bullock

  3)  Lion

  4)  Laxami

  5)  Garland

  6)  Moon

  7)  Sun

  8)  Flag

  9)  Vase

10)  Lotus Lake

11)  Ocean

12)  Celestial Abode

13)  Heap of Jewels

14)  Smokeless Flame


What are the two extra dreams of sixteen dreams?

Two extra dreams of sixteen dreams are:

1) A Pair of Fish

2) A Lofty Thorne.


How many  different ways can one be destined to be the Tirthankar?

There are 20 different ways one can be destined to be the Tirthankar.


Can you name four ways out of the 20 ways one is destined to be the Tirthankar?


How many Arihant Bhagwans do we have at this time?



Where are the current Arihant Bhagwans?

There are none in our part of the world, but there are twenty in Mahavideh- kshetra.


How many minimum Arihant Bhagwnas can be at any given time?



How many maximum  Arihant Bhagwnas can be at any given time?

One hundred and seventy


Can you name the current Ariahat Bhagwans?

1) Shri Simandhar Swami

  2) Shri Jugmandhar Swami

  3) Shri Bahu Swami

  4) Shri Subahu Swami

  5) ShriSujitnath Swami

  6) Shri Svayamprabh Swami

  7) Shri Rishbhanan Swami

  8) Shri Anantveerya Swami

  9) Shri Suprabh Swami

10) Shri Vishalprabh Swami

11) Shri Vrajdhar Swami

12) Shri Chandranan Swami

13) Shri Chandrbahu Swami

14) Shri Brujandev Swami

15) Shri Iswar Swami

16) Shri Nemprabh Swami

17) Shri Veersen Swami

18) Shri Mahabhadra Swami

19) Shri Devajassa Swami

20) Shri Ajeetsen Swami


 How many karmas do Arihant Bhagwans have left?

Arihant Bhagwan has four karmas left.


What are the Bhavanas?

Bhavana means mental thinking.


Can you name the Bhavanas?

Bhavanas are:

  1. Anitya    

  2. Asharan

  3. Samsar   

  4. Ekatva

  5. Anyatva 

  6. Ashuchi

  7. Ashrav   

  8. Samvar

  9. Nirjara

10. Lokswarup

11. Bodhidurlabh

12. Dharma

13. Maitri

14. Pramod

15. Karuna

16. Madhyastha


Can you describe Anitya  Bhavana?

Anitya bhavana means thinking about the transitory nature of things around us. All things of the worldly life are perishable; and  nothing is permanent. It is fruitless to mourn over the loss of perishable, and we should not  lose our mental peace and emotional poise over them. Therefore, when someone dear to us dies or when we lose something then we should think that in this world, the body, wealth, family, relatives, and status, etc., are transient, and we will not feel so bad.