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Chapter - 13



What does Devasi Pratikraman mean?

Devasi pratikraman is performed daily in the evening to ask for the forgiveness of sins committed during the daytime.


What does Raysi Pratikraman mean?

Raysi Pratikraman is performed in the early morning to ask for the forgiveness for the sins committed during the nighttime.


What does Pankhi Pratikraman mean?

Pakhi Pratikraman is done once in 15 days.


What does Caumasi Pratikraman mean?

The Chaumasi Pratikraman is done once in four months on poonam (full moon day) of 1) Kartik, 2) Falgun and 3) Ashadh months of lunar calendar year for the sins committed during that period.


What does Samvatsari Pratikraman mean?

The Samvatsari Pratikraman is done once in a year on the last day of paryushan i.e., on the fifth day of the bright fortnight of Bhadrapada for the sins committed during the whole year.


What is the Samgna?

Samgna means natural tendency of the soul.


Can you name some Samgnas?

Ahar Samjna

Bhay Samjna

Maithun Samjna

Parigraha Samjna

Krodha Samjna

Maan Samjna

Maya Samjna

Lobha Samjna

Ogha Samjna

Loka Samjna


What is the Kashaya?

Kashaya means passions which make the soul wander in this worldly life.


Can you name the Kashayas?

Kashayas are:

Krodha (anger),

Mana (ego),

Maya (deceit),

Lobha (greed).


What is meant by the Samiti?

Samiti means Carefuleness.


How many types of Samities are there?



Can you name five Samities?

1. Irya‑samiti

2. Bhasha‑samiti

3. Eshana‑samiti

4. Adan‑nikshepan Samiti

5. Parishtapanika Samiti


What does the Irya Samiti mean?

Carefulness in movement


Moving about, going anywhere, or returning with an absolute care and alertness so that no harm, pain or any injury is caused to even to any small creature. 


What does the Bhasa Samiti mean?

Carefulness in speech


Not uttering anything that is disagreeable to anyone or that could cause pains in the heart of anyone; but rather speak such words as to create please in others. Words are sweet and soft in manner


What does the Eshana Samiti mean?

Carefulness of taking food


Accepting food as prescribed per Jain principles so it would be faultless.


What does the Adan-Nikshepan Samiti mean?

Carefulness clothes and other articles of daily use


Take utmost care before using clothes to make sure that there are no insects in the folds which may be crushed, hurt, or killed. Care must be also taken before taking and putting away vessels, books, or sitting down, etc.


What is meant by the Parishtapanika Samiti?

Be careful about how, and where one disposes of trash, refuse, or excretions so that no harm is done to even the minute insects or bugs.


What does the Gupti mean?

Guptis means restraints.


How many different types of Gupties are there?



Can you name different types of Gupties?

Mano Gupti

Vachan Gupti

Kaya Gupti


What does the Mano Gupti mean?

Restraint of the mind

Not to entertain any evil thoughts; and freeing the mind from sinful inclinations.


What does the Vachan Gupti mean?

Restraint on speech

Not to utter any evil, disagreeable or unnecessarily and practicing silence.


What does the Kaya Gupti mean?

Restraint on the body

Not to perform any physical activities which could cause pain, suffering or injury.


What does the Vandana mean?

Vandana means bowing down to pay reverence.


What do you gain by the Vandana?

By doing vandana, one becomes humble, and acquires Uchcha Gotra Karma.


What are the two things which polute the soul?

Rag (attachment) and Dwesh (hatred)