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Chapter - 14



What does the Rag mean?

Rag menas attachment.


What does the Dwesh mean?

Dwesh means hatred.


What does the Samjna mean?

Samjna means tendencies.


What does the Ahar Samjna mean?

Tendency for food


What does the Bhaya Samjna mean?

Tendency to fear


What does the Maithun Samjna mean?

Tendency for sex


What mean does the Parigraha Samjna mean?

Tendency for collection of material things


What does the Lobha Samjna mean?

Tendency for avarice


What does the Maya Samjna mean?

Tendency to deceive


What does the Maan Samjna mean?

Tendency to be arrogant


What does the Krodha Samjna mean?

Tendency for anger


What does the Ogh Samjna mean?

The tendency to imitate


What is the Praman?

Praman is to see an object from many points of view and to understand it comprehensively.  Praman is that by which, the real nature and form of an object can be understood. There are four kinds of it.


What is the Pratyaksha Praman?

Actual observation

Pratyaksh Praman means seeing an object and obtaining a knowledge of it; and determining its form and nature.


What is the Anuman Praman?


Anuman means thinking of an object and to understand it by means of evaluation.


What is the Upama Praman?

By means of comparison

Upama is to obtain the knowledge of an object by comparing and contrasting it with other things; and thus, determining its nature and form.


What is the Agam Praman?

By means of scriptures

Agam is the name given to the pure statements and expositions based on tenets of Jina; and this knowledge helps us and guides us in our spiritual endeavours. These statements are given by the Kevalis only.


How many are the types of Pramanas?

Four types

1) Pratyaksha,

2) Anuman,

3) Upama,

4) Agam Praman.


What is the Naya?

Naya is the understanding of an object from only one point of view.


What are two kinds of the Naya?

1. Nishchay Naya

2. Vyavahar Naya


What does the Jneya (Gneya) mean?

Jneya is something to know about.


What does the Heya mean?

Heya is something that we should discard.


What does the Upadeya mean?

Upadeya is something, which we should accept.


What does the Sham mean?

Calmness. Retaining equanimity even in adverse atmosphere.


What does the Samvega mean?

Desire for Moksha.  The sprouting of an inner enthusiasm to pursue the path of salvation.


What does the Nirved mean?

Disliking towards the worldly activities. The feeling of detachment from the pleasures and enjoyments of the worldly life


What does the Anukampa mean?

Selfless compassion. Being benevolent, and helpful to the needy, and distressed people.


What does the Astika mean?

Faith in the words of Jina


Who is Abhavya Jiva?

Jiva that does not believe in liberation or salvation is Abhavya Jiva.


When was the Jain order divided into Svetambar and Digambar?

About two hundred years after the liberation of Lord Mahavira.


Which Jain sectss do not believe statue (idol) worshiping?

Svetambar Sthanakwasi, Svetambar Terapanthi, Digambar Taranpanthi.


Who are the Digambar Jains?

The Jain order, whose monks do not wear any clothes


Who are the Svetambara Jains?

The Jain order, whose monks wear white cloth


What is Chaturmas?

It is a four months period during the rainy season, when sadhus and sadhvis stay at one place.