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Chapter - 16



What is the purpose of Swadhyaya?



What is the fourth Gunasthanak?

Aviratti Gunasthanak


What is the seventh Gunasthanak?

Apramatta Gunasthanak


What is the use of Kaya Kalesh Tapa?

It prepares us to stay in meditation for a longer time.


What is the eleventh Gunasthanak?

Upshant Mohniya Gunasthanak


Name the fifth Samiti?

Paristhapanika Samiti


What is the spiritual advantage of austerity?

Jiva destroys the accumulated karmas.


What is the use of Swadhaya?

Jiva destroys knowledge obscuring karmas.


What is the spiritual use of Anshana?

Jiva reduces the cycle of life and death.


What is the use of Prayashchita?

Prayashchit reduces our bad karmas.


Name the first Samiti?

Iriya Samiti


What is Iriya Samiti?

To be careful about our movements


What kind of care should we take in Iriya Samiti?

We should walk looking down, so that we can avoid hurting any living beings including small bugs, or insects.


What is the effect of Iriya Samiti on our conduct?

We start respecting even minute living beings.


Name the second Samiti?

Bhasha Samiti


What is Bhasha Samiti?

To be careful about how we speak.


What is the effect of Bhasha Samiti on one�s personality?

It keeps a person calm.


Name the third Samiti?

Eshna Samita


What is the benefit of Eshna Samiti?

By Eshna Samiti, we control our taste and desires.


Name the fourth Samiti?

Adan-Nikshepana Samiti


What does Adan-Nikshepana Samiti mean?

To be careful in receiving and keeping things necessary for existence


What is the benefit of Managupti?

It keeps the mind away from sinful thoughts.


What is Vachan Gupti?

To restrain speechWhen in passion


What is the benefit of Kaya Gupti?

It helps us to restrain from the violent activities.


What is Pratima in scriptures?

Pratima is a stage of discipline.


What is Dharamshradha?

Keen faith in Dharma.


What is Ninda?

Ninda means criticism. It should be done for self and to examine self for improvement. It should be never done for others.


What is Chaturvinshati Stotra?

The praise of twenty-four Tirthankaras


Which karma causes obstacles to the right path?

Mohniya karma


Which karma prevents us from gaining knowledge out of experience?

Mohniya karma. It blinds us in our passions.


What is Pramad?

Pramad is lethargy or indolance.


What is kashaya?

Kashaya means passions.


What is the meaning of yoga in Jainism?

Yoga means activities of body, mind, and speech.


What is Darshan Mohaniya Karma?

Faith deluding karma


What is Charitra Mohaniya Karma?

Conduct deluding karma


What is the maximum duration of Sanjwalan passions?

A fortnight.


What is the maximum duration of the Apratyakhyan passion?

One year.


What is the maximum duration of Jnanavarniya Karma?

Thirty krora krori sagarapam years