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Chapter - 20



What is Kalpataru?

Kalpataru is the tree that fulfills the desires.


What is a Panchindriya Jiva?

A Jiva that has five sense organs is called a Panchendriya Jiva.


What are the four types of Tras Jivas?

Two-sensed Jivas, Three-sensed Jivas, Four-sensed Jivas, and Five-sensed Jivas.


What is  a Tras Jiva?

A Jiva that can move is a Tras Jiva.


What are Nigoda Jivas?

An infinite number of jivas living in one body are called Nigod Jivas.


Where do Suksham Jivas stay?

Suksham Jivas stay throughout the universe.


What is the Bhav Pran?

The intrinsic qualities of soul are the Bhav Pran


What is Dev Gati?

Destination to Angel life


What is Manushya Gati?

Destination to human life


What is Tiryanch Gati?

Destination to earth-body, water body, fire body, air body, plant life, or animal life


What is the maximum stay in hell?

Thirty-three Sagaropam


What is the minimum stay in the hell?

Ten thousand years


Who troubles the hellish beings in the hells?

The hellish Jivas trouble each other out of deep anger, malice, and hatred in all seven hells. In the first three naraki, Parmadhami angels trouble them also.


What is Narak Gati?

To be born in Hell is called Narak Gati.


How many Gatis are there that a Jiva can go through?



What is a Gati?

It is the destination of the living being after death.


What is the four-letter term for a living being?



What type of Jivas can not move?

One-sensed Jivas


What is the word for the one-sensed Jiva?

Sthavar Jiva


What is the word for the moving Jiva?



What is the main difference between Jiva and Ajiva?

The main difference between a jiva and an ajiva is that a jiva has a consciousness while an ajiva does not.


What is the term for space in Jainism?



What is the term for time in Jainism?



What is the Jain term for the matter?



What is the function of Dharmastikaya?

It helps in the motions of the jiva and ajiva.


What is the function of Adharmastikaya?

It helps the living beings and nonliving things to come to rest.


What is the liberated Jiva called?



What is the maximum number of Pran in Jiva?



What is the difference in Lokakasha and Alokakasha?

Lokakasha contains Dharamastikaya and Adharmastikaya, and Jiva while

Alokakasha is absent of them.


What is the English word for Lokakasha?



What is the use of Taijas Shareer?

To convert the food into the energy


Who is a Veetragi?

A Jiva who does not have either attachment, or hatred is called veetragi.


Does a liberated soul have any form?



Does the liberated soul sleep?



Is a liberated soul reborn again?

No, no more births


How much does a liberated soul know?

A liberated soul knows everything.


What are the subtle bodies of a Jiva?

Taijas Shareer and Karman Shareer are the subtle bodies of a Jiva.


What is Audarik Shareer?

Audarik Shareer is a gross body.