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Chapter - 25



What is a vow?

A vow is to restrain from something at ones own will.


How many vows are there for a Shravak?



What are the three broad divisions of vows of a Shravak?

Five partial vows (Anu vrata)

Three qualitatvie vows (guna vrata)

Four educative vows (shiksha vrata)


What is Atithi Samvibhag?

To give acceptable food and water to Atithi (whose arrival time is unknown)

The best Atithies are monks and nuns.


What is Atichar?

It is to break vow by doing something which you are not suppose to do.


What is Anachar?

It is to transgress the vow completely.


How many Guna (disciplines) are there for a shravak?



How many manoraths should a person have?



What happens during the Ayogi Kevali Gunasthanak?

The stoppage of the functioning of the mind, speech, and body


Does a Jiva from Sayogi Kevali Gunasthanak go straight to Moksha?

No, it has to pass through fourteenth Gunasthanak known as Ayogi Kevali before attaining a moksha.


After how many lives can a Jiva of Ksheen Mohaniya Gunasthanak be liberated?

The Jiva will be liberated in the same life.


What does Ksheen mean?

Completely wiped out


To which stage can a Jiva fall from the eleventh Gunasthanak?

He can fall to any of the lower stages, upto the first Gunasthanak.


Can a Jiva attain the twelveth stage of gunastahnak from eleventh?



Can Abhavya Jiva be born as an angel in Anuttar Viman?



How many Anuttar Viman are there?



What does Upshant mean?

Completely suppessed, but not wiped out


What does Suksham mean?



After how many lives can a Jiva of Anivritti Badar Gunasthanak be liberated?

A Jiva from Anivritti Badar Gunasthanak gets liberation at the most within three lives.


What does Badar mean?



What does a Jiva do in Upsham Shreni?

In upsham shreni, Jiva suppresses the passions, attachment and hatred.  He can rise upto eleventh stage of spiritual elevation.  Thereafter, Jiva has to fall down within one antah- muhurta.


What are the two different directions for spiritual elevation from the Nivrati (Apurva Karan) Gunasthanak?

Upsham Shreni and Kshapak Shreni.


What are the chief qualities of Nivriti Badar Gunasthanak?

Jiva is completely freed from gross passions. He attains purity, and perfection to a greater extent.


What are the five types of pramad?







What are the qualities in Apramatta Sanyati?

A sadhu in Apramatta Sanyati stage is very tranquil. His target of life is always fixed to Moksha. He confirms to the principle of self-discipline and minimizes sinful activities.


What does Pramat mean?

Careless or indolent


What does Desh Virati mean?

Undertaking partial vows


How many rebirths will the Jiva have to undergo to be liberated from Pramat Gunasthanak, at the maximum?



What is the characteristic of Pramat Sanyati Gunasthanak?

In Pramat Sanyati, one completely wipes out or suppresses four types of severe, moderate and mild passions, and three Darshan Mohniya karmas. During this stage, there is some kind of carelessness in observing vows.


What does Pramat Sanyati mean?

Pramat Sanyati means that the person has taken five Mahavrats, but he is not perfectly following them in daily life.


What celestial level can a Jiva be re-born as from Avirati Samyak Gunasthanak?

12th Devlok


Can you describe the status of a Jiva in Avirti Samyak Gunasthanak?

Jiva in Avirti Samyak Gunasthanak does not have severe or moderate passions, but he/she does have mild passions. He/she understands right from wrong, but he/she cannot take a vow.


Can a Jiva die in Mishra Gunasthanak stage?



What is a Samaya?

A very subtle measure of time