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Chapter - 26



How many Avalikaa make a minute?

34952533 Avalikas make one minute.


Can you describe Sasvadan Samyakdrishti Gunasthanak?

In this gunasthanak, a person looses samyakatva, but he realizes this as it happens just as a person will feel the sweet taste as he throws up the sweet food.


Does the soul reach Sasvadan Samyakdrishti Gunasthanak from Mithyatva


No, it reaches to this stage while falling from samyakdristi Gunasthanak.


In which gunasthanak a person does not believe the soul and the body are two separate things?

Mithyatva Gunasthanak.


How many stages are there in spiritual elevation?

Fourteen stages


What are the four anupurvi nama karma?

Deva anupurvi nam karma

Tiryanch anupurvi nam karma

Manushya anupurvi nam karma

Narak anupurvi nam karma


What is Anupurvi Nama Karma?

Anupurvi Nam Karma causes the Jiva to go from the place of death in a proper direction to the place of new birth.


What are the five divisions of Antaraya karma?

Dan Antaraya,

Labh Antaraya,

Bhog Antaraya,

Upbhog Antaraya

Veerya Antaraya Karma


What affects the intensity of karmas?

Passions (Kashayas)

The stronger kashayas will cause severe results.


What are the eight causes to get uchcha gotra?

Indifference about class

indifference about family

indifference about health

indifference about beauty

indifference about one�s austerity

indifference about one�s knowledge of scriptures

indifference about gain

indifference about riches


What are the eight causes of birth in neecha gotra?

Pride of class

Pride of family

Pride of health

Pride of beauty

Pride of austerities

Pride of scriptures

Pride of gain

Pride of riches


What are the four causes of ashubha nama karma?

The bad activity of jiva

crooked speech

evil mental activity

quarrelsome behavior


What are the four causes of Shubha Nama Karma?

Good activity of jiva

straight forward speech

simple mental activity

non-quarrelsome behavior


What is Anantanubandhi Lobha?

Severe greed.


What are the nine types of Nokashaya Charitra Mohaniya Karma?







Sexual attraction for a female

Sexual attraction for a male

Sexual attraction for both male and female


What are the two broad sub-types of Charitra Mohaniya Karma?

Kasaya Charitra Mohaniya Karma

Nokashaya Charitra Mohaniya Karma


What are the causes of Darshanavarniya Karma?

By criticizing a follower of the right faith, by concealing the name of the person from whom right perception was received, by abducting one who is getting right perception, by having jealousy against the person with right perception, by insulting the right faith or the one possessing it, and by starting a baseless discussion with a person having the right faith.


 What are the nine sub-types of Darsanavarniya Karma?



Avadhi-darshanavarniya, and

Keval darshanavarniya Karma







What does Avirati mean?

Avirati means one can not restaint or accept vows.


What are the causes of accumulation of Karma?