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Chapter - 27



What are the sixteen types of Kashaya?

Anantarnbandhi krodha, maan, maya, lobha,

Apratyakhani krodha, maan, maya, lobha,

Pratyakhani krodha, maan, maya, lobha,

Sanjvalan krodha, maan, maya, and lobha.


Does the Jiva accumulate karma after becoming Kevali?

Yes, Iriyapathic Karmas come to Jiva due to his activities, but karmas come and fall off in two samyas. They do not stay to give any results.


What does Jiva obtain by Dhyan (controlling of thoughts)?

Jiva obtains stability of the mind.


What does Jiva gain by faith?

Jiva destroys wrong beliefs and gains Samyakdarshan.


What does Jiva gain by the discipline of the body?

Jiva obtains purification of conduct and gains Samyakcharitra.


What does Jiva gain by the discipline of the mind?

Jiva obtains control of mind and gains Samyakcharitra.


How does Jiva gain protection from ill thoughts?

By meditation


What does Jiva gain from purity of mind?

Jiva reduces the accumulation of karmas.


How does humility help Jiva?

Humility helps jiva to be free from pride.


What does Jiva get by simplicity?

Jiva becomes straightforward in actions, thoughts, and speech.


How does patience help the Jiva?

It helps to control anger.


What does a Jiva obtain by Vaiyavacha?

On top of destroying karmas, one can acquire Tirthankar Nama Karma.


What does a Jiva obtain by controlling mind, body and speech?

Jiva stops acquiring new karmas, and destroys karmas that he had acquired



What does a Jiva obtain by becoming Veetrag?

Jiva becomes eqanimous.


What does a Jiva become by conquering his passions?

Jiva becomes Veetragi.


What does a Jiva become by destroying all the accumulated karmas?

Jiva becomes Siddha.


What does a Jiva obtain by Tapa (Austerity)?

Jiva destroys the accumulated karmas, and purifies the soul.


What does a Jiva get by Anupreksa (pondering on what he has learned) of Sutra?

Jiva loosens the bondages of all the karmas on his soul except age-determining karma. He shortens the duration, and reduces the intensity of the karma.


What does Jiva get by correct comprehension of Sutra and its meaning?

Jiva wipes out karmas, which produce doubt and delusion.


Should one ask the teacher about his doubts?

Yes, this way one understands the true meaning.


What does Jiva achieve by following the path shown by Jina?

Jiva achieves complete destruction of karmas, and final liberation from cycle

of births and deaths.


What does Jiva obtain by Svadhyaya (Study)?

Jiva destroys the karmas that obscure the right knowledge.


What does Jiva get by begging forgiveness?

Jiva destroys Ashata Vedniya Karmas.


 What does Jiva gain by Pratyakhyan?

Jiva stops influx of karmas.


What does Jiva get by doing Prayashchit?

Jiva feels relieved of the burden of that sin and reduces or destroys the intensity of those karmas.


What does Jiva gain by reciting Chaturvinshati Statva?

Jiva gains purity of faith.


What does Jiva gain by Aloyana?

Jiva removes the karmas obstructing the path of liberation.


What does Jiva obtain by Vinay?

Jiva avoids rebirth in hell, animal life, lower caste of men, and bad angel.


How many stages of discipline (pratima) are there for a monk?



How many Pratimas can a householder observe?



What does Paristhapanika Samiti mean?

One becomes careful while throwing away any waste, so that even fine insects, or bugs are not hurt.


What does Paristhapanika mean?

Throwing the waste away.


What does one learn by Adan Nikshepana Samiti?

One learns to watch carefully when receives or keeps objects around.


What does Nikshepana mean?

To keep


What does Adan mean?

To receive


Does Irya-samiti apply to householders?

Householders shall try to observe as much irya-samiti in daily life as possible, but he definitely has to observe it when he performs Samayik or Paushadha.