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Chapter - 28



What are the benefits of bhasha samiti in daily life?

One learns to speak politely and becomes lovable by everyone.


Does Bhasha Samiti mean complete silence?

Not necessarily.  We need to speak when it is necessary and speak in a soft and pleasant tone which does not cause pain to anyone.


How do we observe Bhasha Samiti while telling the truth?

We observe bhasha samiti by staying silent than to tell the truth if it is going to cause pain or harm to someone.


Does Iriya Samiti relate only to sadhus and sadhvis?

No, it concerns everyone, but sadhus and sadhvis observe it very strictly.


How is Dhyan Tapa useful?

It trains us to control our passions.


What are the five types of Swadhyaya?

1) To study

2) To seek clarification

3) To repeat

4) To mediate

5) To teach whatever is studied


How many types of Vaiyavachha are described in the scripture?



How can we observe Respect (Vinay) austerity?

By paying respect to monks, nuns, learned, elderly people, and everyone.


What are the four types of Prati Sanleenta Tapa?

To control senses



To be careful about oneself


Is Ayambil a type of Ras Parityag Tapa?



How is Ayambil a type of Ras Parityag Tapa?

During Ayambil we take food without ghee, salt, sugar and spices, etc. There by we are controlling our taste and that is why it is called Ras Parityag Tapa.


How is Vriti Sankshep helpful?

It strengthens the will power, and helps to control passions.


What does Bhav Unodari mean?

Bhav Unodari means to reduce our passions, attachments, and sleep, etc.


What does Dravya Unodari mean?

Dravya Unodari means to eat less than one normally does.


What does Upkaran Unodari mean?

Upkaran Unodari means to use a fewer things than our needs.


What are the different types of upavas (fast), based on things to be taken?

Fast in which nothing is consumed for a day and nighttime for twenty-four hours is called Chauvihar Fast.

When no solid food is consumed but boiled water might be taken for a day and nighttime for twenty-four hours is called Tivihar Fast.


What are the different types of Upavas?

There are different types of Upavas depending upon how many days of continued fasting is carried out.

Atham means fasting for three continuous days. 

Athai means fasting for eight continuous days, etc.


How many types of austerities are there?



Do we have to perform austerty through our whole life?

Yes, if you can. You should perform austerity as per your capacity from a few hours a day, some days in a month or for a entire life like sadhus and sadhvis do.


What does one reflect on Lok Bhavana?

I am a pure soul who shall reside in Siddhashila. What am I doing in this world? I should work to attain my goal of liberation from the cycles of births and deaths.


What are the components of the Universe?








How many different ways one can practice Nirjara Bhavana?



What does the Ashrava Bhavana teach us?

Ashrava Bhavana teaches us to stay away from the causes which creat the inflow of karmas to the soul.


How should we practice the Ashrava Bhavana?

By realizing that false belief, non-restraint, passions, laziness, and yogas (activities) bring karmas to the soul, and they should be avoided or minimized.


What do we gain by Ashrava Bhavana?

We learn what are the causes that bring karmas to the soul, so that they should be avoided.


What does Ashrava mean?

Ashrava means the inflow.


What does Ashuchi mean?

Ashuchi means foul.


Does Anyatva Bhavana help in our daily life?

Yes, it reminds us that the body and the soul are separate things and we should do minimum for the body, and most for the uplift of the soul.


What does Ekatva Bhavana remind us?

I was born alone.  I shall die alone.  So, I should do right for my soul.


Does Sansar Bhavana mean that everyone should become a monk?

No, it means understand the temporary relationship of the people in the familty and the rest of the world. By realizing this, one might become a monk.


How can a dying person reflect on Asharan Bhavana?

No one can save me from the miseries of life, but only the religion propagated by

Jina can save me. Therefore, I shall take its shelter.