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Chapter - 29



To whom did Anathi muni talk about Asharan Bhavana?

King Shrenik.


What does Asharan mean?



What is Anitya in Jiva?

Body is Anitya (not-permanent) in Jiva.


Does meditation on Anitya Bhavana help in controlling our passions?

Yes, Anitya Bhavana reminds us that everything is perishable including those for whom I might have passions. Thus passions ate putting me in trouble. So instead of being lured by passions I will control them.


How should we react when a close relative dies?

We should reflect on Anitya Bhavana.  It explains that every living being that is born has to die one day and we cannot stop it. Our relationship in this world is a temporary one, so we should not feel bad for the loss.


What are the benefits of non-attachment?

We remain in peace during pleasure or pain.  We neither feel elated nor disappointed in different situations. This way we destroy Mohniya karmas.


What do we gain by Anitya Bhavana?

Anitya Bhavana helps us understand the true relationsip between the body and the soul. We sould not spend too much time after the body, which is perishable, but rather for the soul which is permanent.


How do we reflect on Anitya Bhavana?

Everything around us is changing. Nothing remains permanent. A person was a child first, then became a young adult, then a man, then an old man, and ultimately he dies. Only a pure soul is in the permanent state. Therefore, we should reflect how could we be in that stage.


What is Anitya?




Can we realize the reality through Bhavana?

Yes, continuous meditation on Bhavanas leads to the experience of the reality of soul.


What happens when one conquers the Greed?

One becomes content.


What happens when one conquers the deceit?

One One becomes honest.


What happens when one conquers the pride?

One becomes humble.


What happens when one conquers the anger?

One becomes patient.


What does Jiva gain by right faith?

Jiva realizes that the body and the soul are separate things.


What does Jiva gain by spiritual discipline?

Jiva develops right conduct.


What does Jiva gain by Pratikraman?

Jiva wipes out karmas caused by transgressions of vows, or other sinful activities.


What does Jiva gain by Vandana?

Jiva becomes humble and thus destroys karma leading to the birth into the lower status and gains the karmas leading to the birth into the higher status..


What does Jiva gain by Samayik?

Jiva stops inflow of karmas due to staying in equanimity and can perform religious reading and meditation, etc., which helps to get rid of karmas, too.


What does Jiva get by self-repentence?

Jiva destroys the karmas and moves forwards in the spiritual uplift.


What is Aloyana?

Aloyana means confession for past deeds to a Guru or kepping Arihantas and Siddhas as witness.


Does Tirthankar have a religious teacher?



How does one attain complete knowledge?

By completely destroying Jnanavarniya karma


How many sects are there of Jains?



What are the four divisions of the Jain Sangh?






How many Sadhus were in the Sangha of Bhagwan Mahavir?

Fourteen thousands


How many Sadhvis were in the Sangha of Mahavira?

Thirty-six thousands


How many Shravaks were in Sangh of Mahavira?

One hundred and fifty-nine thousands


How many Shravikas were in Sangh of Mahavira?

Three hundreds and eighteen thousands


How many Ganadharas did Lord Mahavira have?



Name eleven Ganadharas of Mahavira?

Indrabhuti Gautam