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Chapter - 30



Are there any living Tirthankaras in Jambudvip?



How many living Tirthankaras are there in Jambudvip?



How many special qualities does an Arihant have?



Are all Tirthankars, Arihants?



Are all Arihants, Tirthankars?



As a kevali, how may Chaturmas were observed by Tirthanakra Lord Mahavira?



Where were Chaturmas observed by Tirthanakra Lord Mahavira?

One at Asthika

Three at Champa and Prishti Champa

Twelve at Uaisali or Vanijyagram

Fourteen at Rajgrih or Nalanda


In how many years did Mahavira attain Kevaljnan after renunciation?

Twelve and one-half years


How many dreams did the mother of Tirthankar see during conception?

Fourteen according to Svetambaras and Sixteen according to Digambaras


Do all Jains worship idols?


Svetambar Derawasi, Digambar Bispantis and Terapanthi worship idols.

Svetambar Sthanakvasi and Terapanthi and Digambar Taranpanthis do not worship idols.


Did Mahavira worship in any temple?



Was the Jain order divided in different sects during the lifetime of Lord Mahavira?

No, there were both kinds of monks during the life of Lord Mahavir.


What is at the upper end of Urdhva Loka?



Does the Jiva in Avirati Samyak Drishti Gunasthanak understand the teachings of Jinas? Yes


How many vows can a Shravak observe in Deshvirati Gunasthanak?

He can observe vows according to his capacity.  Some take one vow; some take more up to all the twelve vows of a layman (shravak).  Some might also observe even eleven Pratimas.


In how many Gunasthanaks are all the passions in operation?

The first eleven Gunasthanaks


How many types of Jivas are in Suksham Sampraya Gunasthanak?

Upshamak and Kshapak.


Does the soul get liberated if one dies in Upsham Mohaniya Gunasthanak?

No, it is born in Anuttar Viman; from there it has to take one more birth to be liberated.


What happens if a Jiva does not die in the Upsham Mohaniya Gunasthanak?

It will return to the tenth or nineth gunasthanak within one antah muharta and may fall all the way to the first stage of Mithyatva Gunasthanak.


In the state of Sayogi Kevali, is the Jiva without karma?

No, Jiva has destroyed four ghati karmas, but four aghati karmas are still there.


What are the four karmas, which a Sayogi Kevali does not have?

Knowledge-obscuring karma

conation-obscuring karma

deluding karma

obstructing karma


Do Sayogi Kevalis preach?

Yes and no

Svetambers believe that Sayogi Kevalis preach, while Digambars believe they do not.


How many qualities does a Dravya have and what are they?


Common qualities

Special qualities (Guna)


How many common qualities (Guna) of a Dravya are there?

Many, but there are six important qualities.


What are the six important common qualities (Samanya Guna) of the Dravya?








What are the six Dravyas?








What are the two divisions or Paryaya?

Vyanjan Paryaya

Dravya Paryaya


What are the two divisions of Vyanjan Paryaya?

Svabhav Vyanjan Paryaya

Vibhav Vyanjan Paryaya


What are the two divisions of Praman?

Pratyaksha Praman

Paroksha Praman