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Chapter - 31



What is Avadhi Jnan?

The knowledge that helps to know the objects with respect to Dravya (state), Kshetra (location), Kal (time), and Bhav (form) within certain limits without the help of sense-organs.


What is Agam Praman?

The words of Apta (Tirthankar who preaches after attaining Kevakjnan)


What are the disciplines for the path to liberation?

Five total vows

Five samitis

Three guptis


What is a Mahavrat vow?

Mahavrat vow is a great vow, in which one leaves sinful activities totally.


What are the three Karanas?

1)      To do activities by oneself

2)      To ask others to carry out  the activities

3)      To encourage others to carry out the activities


How many Yoga are there?



What are the three Yoga?

1) Man Yoga (mental yoga)

2) Vachan Yoga (verbal yoga)

3) Kaya Yoga (physical yoga)


How many charitra does a monk have?



What are the five Charitras of a monk?

1) Jnanachar,

2) Darsanacar

3) Charitrachar

4) Tapachar

5) Viryachar


What are the ten spiritual disciplines of a Sadhu?

1) Khanti (forgiveness)

2) Mutti (non-attachment) 

3) Ajjave (straightforwardness)

4) Maddve (humility)

5) Laghave (contentment)

6) Sacche (truth)

7) Sanjame (self-restraint)

8) Tave (austerity)

9) Chiyae (service of monk)

10) Brahmchrya (celebacy)


How many are the basic vows (mula guna) of a monk?

Five vows


What are the supplementary vows (Uttar Guna) of a monk?

Five samitis

Three guptis

Ten restraints


How many types of Charitra are there?



What ae the five Charitra of a monk?

1) Samayik Charitra

2) Chhedopsthapani Charitra

3) Parihar Vishudhi Charitra

4) Suksham Sampray Charitra

5) Yathakhyat Charitra


What are the different kinds of a Jain monk?


1) Jin-Kalpi and

2) Sthavar-Kalpi.


Describe the life of Jin-Kalpi monks.

Jin-Kalpi remains away from their group doing severe penance.  In this fifth

division of the time cycle, there are no Jin-Kalpi. 



Describe the life of Sthavar-Kalpi monks.

Sthavar-Kalpi wear white clothes, have a Muhapati, have a Rajoharan (holy broom) and carry wooden bowls for accepting the food.  They accept alms strictly observing their rules.  They stay in a upashraya free from worldly activities.


Is there any mention of the Mukhvastrika in Jain scriptures? Yes

 How does a Jain monk get food (alm)? A Jain monk gets food (alm) by begging known as gochari. He goes to various houses, and accepts only acceptable food that was not made for monk but was made for householders themselves. He takes food in a very small quanitity from many different houses so that the householders do not have to cook more food again.


What are the other supporting rules of conduct for a monk?

They observe nine restrictions of Brahmcharya.  They do not keep anything other than necessary clothes and vessels.  They do not take food or water after sunset until sunrise. They bear twenty-two Parishahas.


How many Paryaptis are in the one-sensed Jivaa?


1)      Ahar Paryapti

2)      Sharir Paryapti

3)      Indriya Paryapti

4)      Shvasoshvas Paryapti


How many Paryaptis are in the two, three, and four-sensed Jivas and in Asangni Panchendriya?


1) Ahar Paryapti

2) Shareer Paryapti

3) Indriya Paryapti

4) Shvasoshvas Paryapti

5) Bhasha Paryapti


How many Paryaptis are in Sangni five-sensed Jiva?



What is the limit of the dimensions of Soul?

Every soul has the capacity to expend up to the entire universe, just as light of a lamp has the property of expansion and contraction.  So, soul adjusts to the size of the body it takes.