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Chapter - 33



What are the broad divisions of Deluding Karma?

1) Darsan Mohaniya (perception-deluding) karma

2) Charitra Mohaniya (conduct-deluding) karma


How many are the divisions of Darshan Mohaniya Karma?



What are the three divisions of Darshan Mohaniya Karma?

1) Wrong belief deluding (Mithyatva Mohaniya)

2) Mixed belief deluding (Mishra Mohaniya)

3) Right perception deluding (samyaktva Mohaniya)  


What are the two broad divisions of Conduct-Deluding Karma?

1) Kashay Mohaniya karma

2) Nokashay Mohaniya karma


How many types of Kashaya Mohaniya Karma are there?



What are the sixteen types of Kashaya Mohaniya Karma?

Error-feeding anger, error-feeding pride, error-feeding deceit, error-feeding greed

Partial-vow obstructing anger, partial-vow obstructing pride, partial-vow obstructing

deciet, partial-vow obstructing greed, total-vow obstructing anger

Total-vow obstructing pride, total-vow obstructing deceit, total-vow obstructing greed Perfect-conduct preventing anger, perfect-conduct preventing pride,

perfect-conduct preventing deceit and perfect-conduct preventing greed


What are the four types of Ghati Karma?

1) Knowledge-obscuring (Jnanavarniya karma)

2) Conation-obscuring (Darshanavarniya karma)

3) Mohaniya (deluding karma)

4) Antaraya karma (obstructive karma)


How many Aghati Karma are there?



What is Aghati Karma?

The karma that does not affect true attributes of the soul, but affects the body in which it resides.


What are the four types of Aghati Karma?

1) Feeling producing karma

2) Age producing karma

3) Body forming karma

4) Status determining karma


How is Udirana possible?

By observing austerities


Illustrate Upsham

When alum is added to muddy water, mud settles down to the bottom and water on the top looks clear, until someone may shake the water. This settling down is called upsham.


Can a Jiva in Mithyatva Gunasthanak be liberated?

No, a Jiva in Mithyatva Gunasthan cannot be liberated because it cannot follow the path shown by Jina, since he has no faith in it.


Can a Jiva who has once gone to any higher stage from Mithyatva Gunasthanak be liberated?

Yes, he is sure to be liberated, even if he falls back to Mithyatva Gunasthanak.  He will be liberated after innumerable lives.


How come Mithyatva Gunasthanak is first gunasthanak not a zero gunasthanak?

In Mithaytva Gunasthanak, even though there is no realization between wrong and right, one knows things around him/her. For example, on a very cloudy day even though we may not see the sun, we cannot say that there is no sun, because the power of light, which penetrates the clouds, enables us to see objects around us. In the same way the soul is able to exhibit some power of knowledge so it cannot be called zero gunasthanak.


Can you desribe the mind of person who is In Mithyatva Gunasthanak?

In the Mithyatva Gunasthanak, one may know a cow as a cow, but can not differentiate the soul and body as separate entity. He is also over powered by severe passions, which do not allow him to think what is right for the soul and gets carried away  in the wrong direction.