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Chapter - 7



Can you  name the types of Nama karma?

Nam Karma is divided into sixty-seven sub-groups.

Most popular sub-types are:











Can you name the types of Gotra karma?

Gotra Karma is divided into two sub-groups.

They are:

Uchcha  Gotra

Nicha Gotra


Can you name the types of Antaraya karma?

Antaray Karma is divided into five sub-groups.

They are:







Can you name the types of Ayushya karma?

Ayushya karma is divided into four sub-groups.

They are:






What are the effects of Jnanavarniya karma?


Inability to understand, Stupidity,


Incapable of being taught,


Stammering, etc.


How do you accumulate the Jnanavarniya karma?

By Condemning knowledge and scholars and enlightened people. Laziness, contempt and displeasure to study.


How can you get rid of the Jnanavarniya karma?

Worship the knowledge.  Give reverence,  respect to the teachers, pay respect to the books because it represents the knowledge.  Do not throw, fold or sit on books.  Go to the religious school regularly.  Study silently with humility and attentions. As a student, keep off the bad habits and keep your speech clean; conduct good and share knowledge with others.


What happens when you get rid of the Jnanavarniya karma?

You develop Kevalgnan and you become an anantgnani.

Once the layers of Jnanavarniya karmas disappear the atma knows every thought of every mind, and every thing in the world, and understands every living creature in this world and other worlds.  Nothing is hidden or unknown to that atma.


What are the effects of Darshanavarniya karma?

Blindness, incapacity of senses, intoxication with power, money, sleep or swooning, etc.


How do you accumulate the Darshanavarniya karma?

Condemning the principles of religion and dharma; or depreciating them disrespecting the virtuous and decrying them.  Always trying to find fault with such people. Condemning piety with the feeling of skepticism, and decrying them.


How can you get rid of the Darshanavarniya karma?

Be respectful to sadhus and sadhvies and be loyal to Jain sangh and dharma. 

Having faith in the Jina and showing him devotion, obeying the commands of Jinas.


What happens when you get rid of the Darshanavarniya karma?

You develop Kevaldarshan and you become anant darshani.

Just as pure atma knows everything, the free atma sees everything.  Once the Darshanavarniya karmas are gone the atma sees everything in this world and in the other world.  It has no barriers.


What are the effects of Vedniya karma? With Shatavedniya Karma gone one will be happier and will have a good health.

With Ashatavedniya Karma gone one will not suffer from diseases, ill‑health, sickness, and sorrow, etc.


How do you accumulate the Vedniya karma?

1) Ashata vedniya karma:

By causing worry, misery and suffering to others.


2) Shata vedniya karma:

Being compassionate, giving peace and happiness; and offering comforts in the sorrows; maintaining a cordial and friendly contact with others.


How can you get rid of the Vedniya karma?

Make others happy; be helpful to others; do not torture or harass or kill any body, rather give them protection and peace.


What happens when you get rid of the Vedniya karma?

The atma gets akshay sukh.

At the time of death when the vedniya karma is destroyed the atma goes to salvation. The pure atma has no disease, pain, and never feels sorrow. Pure atma is ever youthful and is ever happy, and ever healthy.


What are the effects of Mohniya karma?

You develop attachment, hatred, envy, contempt, deep attachment, misery infatuation, longing, ecstasy, etc.


How do you accumulate the Mohniya karma?

Treating the gods and preceptors with contempt, having a deep attachment and hatred to someone or for something, lamenting and weeping over excitement, and being irritable, and miserable.


How can you get rid of the Mohniya karma?

Observe the virtues. If somebody gets angry, you keep cool. If somebody is proud, greedy or a cheat, you be humble, generous or sincere.  Do not laugh or cry, too much; do not harm, hurt, make fun of others. Do not be displeased, get irritated or tease others.


What happens when you get rid of the Mohniya karma?

You become veetragi.

After this, the atma is never angry, proud, greedy, cheater, pleased or displeased, laughing, crying or afraid of anything. It has infinite bliss and limitless happiness.


What are the effects of Nama karma?

The effects of good or bad Nam Karma are:

Well‑build body, beauty and  symmetry in the body or ugliness;

Has good fortune or misfortune;

Has prosperity or adversity;

Has honor or dishonor.