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Chapter - 9



What is the Jain Sangh?

Jain Sangh is formed of:

1) Sadhus,

2) Sadhvis,

3) Shrawaks, and,

4) Shrawikas.


Who establishes the Jain Sangh?

Jain Sangh is established by Tirthankar Bhagvantas.


What is the name for the universe in Jainism?

In Jainism this universe is called Chaudarajlok.


What are the divisions of Chauda Rajlok?

There are three divisions of the chaudrajlok.

They are:

1) Urdhva loka,

2) Madhya loka,

3) Addho loka.


What is the Urdhva loka?

Urdhva loka means the universe above ground level.


How many devlokas are there?

There are twelve devlokas.


Can you name the devlokas?

Twelve devlokas are:

  1) Sudharma,

  2) Ishan,

  3) Sanatkumar,

  4) Mahendra,

  5) Brahmloka,

  6) Lantak,

  7) Mahashukra,

  8) Sahastrar,

  9) Aanat,

10) Pranat,

11) Aaran, and

12) Achyuta.


How many sub-types are  in the Graiveyaks?

There are nine sub-types in the Graiveyaks Angels.


Can you name the nine Graiveyaks?

Nine Graiveyaks Angels are:

1) Bhadre,

2) Subhadre,

3) Sujae,

4) Sumanase,

5) Priydansne,

6) Sudansne,

7) Aamohe,

8) Supadibaddhe,

9) Jasodhare.


How may Anutara Vimnas are there?

There are five Anutar vimans.


Can you name the five Anutara vimans?

Five Anutar vimans are:

1) Vijay,

2) Vijayant,

3) Jayant,

4) Aparajit,

5) Savarthsiddha.


What is the Siddha Shila?

The Siddhashila is the abode for Siddha Bhagvantas.


Where is the Siddha Shila?

The Siddhashila is about 100 miles above the banner of the Savarthsiddha Anutar viman.


What is the Madhya loka?

Madhyaloka is the ground level of the universe.


What is the addho loka?

The Addholok means abode for hellish beings which is below our ground level.


How many Narakis are there? 



How many vratas do the shravakas have?

The shrawaks take twelve anuvratas.

Can you name the shravaka�s vratas?

The twelve anuvratas:

  1) Sthool pranatipat

  2) Sthool mrishavad

  3) Sthool adattadan 

  4) Sthool maithun

  5) Sthool parigrah

  6) Disha pariman 

  7) Bhogopbhog

  8) Anarthadand

  9) Samayik

10) Deshavagasik

11) Paushadh

12) Atithi sanvibhag


What is The Sthool  Pranatipatvirman Vrat?

This vow is not to cause violence and pain to any creature knowingly, unknowingly, mentally, verbally, or physically.


What are the Atichar (Violations) of The Sthool Pranatipatvirman Vrat?

Atichar (Violations) are:

1) Binding any creature and putting it in a prison‑house or a pound-house,

2) The beating any living beings,

3) Cutting down trees or plant or any parts of any living beings,

4) Exterminating your house or using pesticides in farm,

5) Yelling or bullying other people.


What is The Sthool Mrishavadvirman Vrat?

This vow is not to utter a lie.