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7.Mithyatvasutra - Precepts On Wrong Faith



Ha! jaha mohiyamaina, suggaimaggam ajanamanenam.

Bhime bhavakamtare, suciram bhamiyam bhayakarammi. (67)

Oh: what a pity? Due to my delusion, I have not been able to know the path leading to spiritual progress; so, I have been wandering since long in this formidable and terrible forest of mundane existence. (67)


Micchattam vedanto jivo, vivariyadamsano hoi.

Na ya dhammam rocedi hu, mahuram pi rasam jaha jarido. (68)

Owing to the delusion, the attitude of a soul becomes perverted and he does not relish religion, just as a person suffering from fever cannot relish even a sweet. (68)


Micchattaparinadappa, tivvakasaena sutthu avittho.

Jivam deham ekkam, mannamto hodi bahirappa. (69)

A perverted soul, who remains completely in the grip of passions or intense moral impurities and due to this regards soul and body as one; is an extrovert. (69)


Jo jahavayam na kunai, micchaditthi tao hu ko anno.

Vaddhai ya micchattam, parassa samkam janemano. (70)

Could there be a person with greater wrong faith than the one who does not lead his life according to the precepts of Jina? He develops wrong beliefs by creating doubt in others (about the right path of Jina). (70)