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(by Manubhai Doshi)

I bow to Lord Parshwanath, who is served by the demi-god Parshwa, who is the remover of all afflictions, free from all sorts of Karmas, the destroyer of the poison of the poisonous animals, and is the abode of bliss and well being.

If one regularly wears the charm of Vishadharsfulling (snake charmer) on his neck, planetary animosity, disease, plague and severe fevers would be calmed down.

Aside from that charm, even bowing to you would be highly fruitful (resulting in divine life etc.); all beings would not (thereby) be in an unhappy or a miserable state.

If one gains the truth presented by you, which is superior even to the desire yielding tree, the soul can gain ageless and immortal state without any obstacles.

Great graceful Lord, I have adored you this way with devoted heart, therefore Lord Parshwanath, kindly bless me with the true knowledge in every (remaining) birth.