Jain World
Sub-Categories of Passions

Preparation of Samayik

Procedure to Start Samayik
Procedure to End Samayik
Reminder of Mistakes to Avoid
  The Obeisance to Teachers
  Repentance for Sins Occurred While Walking
  Uplifting the Soul
  Prayer to 24 Tirthankars and All Siddhas
  Taking (Adopting) The Vow of Samayik
  Obeisance to The Virtuous
  Uvasaggaharam Sootra (Optional)
  Jay Viyaray Sootra (Optional)
  Obeisance to The Virtuous_1
  The Procedure to Complete Samayik




Monks (Sadhus) and Nuns (Sadhvies)

I offer respect to all those monks and nuns, who go around with the permission of their superiors and follow the principles laid down for them by passionless Lord Arihants and Siddhas.

They are my religious teachers, perceptors and preachers, conferrers of true faith and knowledge, the ornaments of path of Jainism, and are worthy of many titles.

I offer obeisance to them now, and again and again, and let it reach wherever they may be.