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Preparation of Samayik

Procedure to Start Samayik
Procedure to End Samayik
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  The Obeisance to Teachers
  Repentance for Sins Occurred While Walking
  Uplifting the Soul
  Prayer to 24 Tirthankars and All Siddhas
  Taking (Adopting) The Vow of Samayik
  Obeisance to The Virtuous
  Uvasaggaharam Sootra (Optional)
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  The Procedure to Complete Samayik




(Preparation for Meditation)

I do Kayotsarg, that is, foresake all activities by adopting a motionless posture for repenting and achieving further purification, and for nullifying and destroying my sins and Karmas, by remaining at one place for uplifting of my blemished soul. Let my Kayotsarg be unbroken and nonviolate from exceptions such as breathing in or out, coughing, sneezing, yawning, burping, passing bodily gases, dizziness, vomiting sensation, fainting, subtle bodily movements such as swallowing sputum, or flickering of eyes, or by thieves, King, fire, fierce animals, etc. Until I complete it by mentally reciting Navkar Pad to the Arihants, I will keep my body steady at one place, in complete silence and meditation, and keep away from all sinful activities. (Now stay in Kayotsarg for 25 respirations.)