Jain World
Sub-Categories of Passions


I. Samayasara Samayaprabharitam
II. Soul and Non-soul (Jiva-Ajiva)
III. The Ethic of Action
IV. Demerit and Merit (Punya Papa)
  V. Inflow of Karmas
  VI. Checking of Karmas (Samvara)
  VII. The shedding of Karmas (Nirjara)
  VIII. Bondage  (Bandha)
  IX. Liberation (Moksha)
  X. Liberation Pure bsolute Knowledge
  XI. Samayasara

Chapter X  - Liberation Pure bsolute Knowledge




Pure bsolute Knowledge


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          328.          Know that which is produced by the attributes (of a substance) to be no other than the ubstane. It is only a condition of gold which (is exhibited) by bangles, et., nothing else.


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        ��� ��߾ִ֕�߾�� ��� ����� �������� ׾ֵ������� ll 329 ll

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        ��� ��߾ִ֕�߾�� ��� ��ֵ֮�� ׾֕�֮���� ll 329 ll


          329.          Whatever modifications of the soul and of the non-soul are described in the scriptures, know them (as) soul or no-soul, and nothing else.



          All conditions adopted by soul are possessed of sourness. Soul does not lose its attributes in any of its forms. It cannot be altered into non-soul. So non-soul modifies in non-sourness. All forms of non-soul possess all the attributes of non-soul. Non-soul can not be transformed into soul. The universe insists of two substances, soul and non-soul. Their combination is the cause of bondage or mundane existence, and their separation is Liberation. Had there been only one of the two substances, no bondage or liberation could have been possible. Soul by itself can never become impure; and all souls must therore have been pure and perfect. If only on-soul exist in the universe, dead matter would not have any activity for bondage or liberation.


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        ����֤�פ �� ���ד�׾� ��ָ�ִ�׾� ����� �������פ ll 330 ll

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        ����֤��ן� �� ���ד֟��ָ�ִ�ׯ� ���� �� �� �־�ן� ll 330 ll


          330.          Because the soul is not produced by nothing whatever, therefore it is not an effect ; it doe not produce anything whatever, therefore it is not the cause either.


        ������ �֛哓� ����� ����ָ� ��� �ֈ㓓� ��������� l

        ���֕���ןֵ� ��ִֵ�� ��֬�� �� �� פ��֤� �������� ll 331 ll

        ����� ��Ο�ߟ�� ������ �����Ը� �֣�� ��Ο�ߟ�� ��������� l

        ���֪ӟ�� ׮ִֵ��ן��׬�ß�� �� �鿵֟��s���� ll 331 ll


          331.          Except that a doer (is called so) with reference to a deed done; and a deed, with reference to a doer, no other concussion is ascertainable.



          The doer and deed are related to each other. Modification of a substance is called its deed, the doer of which is the same substance. It is the established rule. A mundane soul being already engaged in and intrudes with matter, the material adjunct of the soul makes possible the bondage of soul by matter. The soul� own thought-activity assists in this result; but of ours, cannot be and is not the primary cause to produce the Karmi matter, which binds the soul. Primary use of material karmic bondage is matter and that of conscious thought-activities is the soul.


        ���� �� �ֵ�כ�ֽ� ���֕��פ ׾������פ l

        �ֵ֛�׾� ��ꤵֽ� ���֕��פ ׾������פ ll 332 ll

        ����׵֟�� ��� ��������֣�Դ�㟯֪��� ׾ֿ֮��ן� l

        ������ןָׯ� ������֣�� ��㟯֪��� ׾ֿ֮����ן� ll 332 ll


          332.          But the soul on account of the operation of past karmas in born and died. And karmas also are produced (and) destroyed by action of soul.


        ���� ��Ӭ��� ������ׯ� �����������֯֓�ֵ���� ƾ�� l

        ���ί������ �ֵ�כ ��� �����ָ�� ����� ��ֵ֤� ll 333 l

        ���� ��Ӭ��� �����ׯ� ��Ο�ֵֵ����Ծ���� l

        ����֟�֮�: ������ןֿ�� ����ָ�֟��� ��ֵ֟�� ll 333 ll


          333.          The bondage of the two, of the soul and the Karmas, is produced by soul and Karma each being auxiliary use of the other. Thus is produced the Samsara, worldly wandering.



          The impure thought-activity of the soul is the auxiliary cause of the bondage of fresh karmas. The past karmic operation is the auxiliary cause of new impure thought activity. Thus from bondage to bondage the deluded soul wanders in mundane existences. Soul and Karmic matter both are auxiliary causes to each other in the phenomena of mundane life.


        ��֋���� �ֵ�כ�ֽ� ������� �� ׾ִ��ӓ�פ l

        ���ε���֡����� ƾ�� ��־�� ״֓��פ���� ������ӕ֤�� ll 334 ll

        ��־֤��� ��������֣�� ����׵֟�� ���� ׾ִ��ӓ�ן� l

        �����ֵ����� �־���־�׮ִ֣��֤��™��ֵ֟�: ll 334 ll


          334.          So long as this conscious soul does not give up the effect of Karmas, till then it remains ignorant, wrong believer and devoid of right conduct.