Jain World
Sub-Categories of Passions


I. Samayasara Samayaprabharitam
II. Soul and Non-soul (Jiva-Ajiva)
III. The Ethic of Action
IV. Demerit and Merit (Punya Papa)
  V. Inflow of Karmas
  VI. Checking of Karmas (Samvara)
  VII. The shedding of Karmas (Nirjara)
  VIII. Bondage  (Bandha)
  IX. Liberation (Moksha)
  X. Liberation Pure bsolute Knowledge
  XI. Samayasara

Chapter V  - Inflow of Karmas



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          176.  And in that knowing soul, the formerly bound Karmas (are ineffectual) like clad of earth, although all of them are bound with its karmic body.



          When a person becomes a right believer and a right knower of true principle and realizes the discrimination between the true and real nature of soul and non-soul he is at first a right believer of the subsidential kind.  Wrong belief and error-feeding passion karmas, which are not yet destroyed, but made to subside, simply exist without producing any effect like a clod of earth.  If he is firm in right belief he will not allow them to operate again and will save himself from relapsing into wrong belief.  He will, then, transform himself into a right believer of the destructive subsidential kind.  There-afterwards, if he happens to be in the presence of an Omniscient or a saint with full scriptural knowledge, he will remove all right-belief preventing Karmas from existence in the soul, and will become a right believer of the destructive description.  He could never again replace into perverse belief and shall soon obtain Liberation.  Material Karmas cannot disturb the thought-activity of soul, unless they operate, and the soul is not strong enough to resist their, operation.  One should not, therefore, be afraid of karmas merely in existence, but must to be strong in soul-power in order to resist their operation, and to let them be exhausted and shed off.


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          177.  As those which are of four kinds (wrong belief, vowlessness, passions and vibratory activity) bind the soul every moment with many kinds of Karmas with the help of the soul�s attributes of conation and knowledge (love and hatred), therefore, the knowing soul (attentive to itself) is certainly incapable of being bound by Karmas.



          The knowing soul when attentive to itself is free from bondage.  The previously bound Karmas are really the auxiliary cause of the inflow of fresh Karmas.  Soul by itself does neither taken in, nor bind any Karmas at all.  It is really free from all inflow and bondage.  A seeker after Liberation must improve his soul-power in order to resist the operation of deluding Karma, which is the chief enemy of the mundane soul.


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          178.  And because the attribute of knowledge when in a low stage (below the 11th) is again modified into something else (Love, hatred) it is, in that view said to be the binder (of karmas).



          A person who has not attained the destructive stage of a right believer, falls down for want of sufficient strength in his soul power from right belief into wrong belief.  He is subjected to bondage of wrong belief and other karmas on account of his thought-activity being affected with strong delusion, attraction or repulsion, and is again attached to the world.  It is the deluding karma which must be destroyed.  As long as it has the least mastery over consciousness, no check of inflow of karmas is possible.  A right believer should therefore believe himself to be the Pure Soul and should realise his own pure nature, by practising self-absorption.  It is this conduct only, which can weaken the passions and improve soul-power.


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          179.  When right belief, knowledge (and) conduct manifest (themselves) in a low degree, then the knower is bound by many of karmic matter.



          A right believer in the 4th stage of vowels-right-belief has the least degree of right conduct. Unless all the passions are totally subsided or destroyed, he cannot attain that pure and perfect conduct which does not bind any Karma at all.


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        ��ֵ����֯�ε���ݵ�� �֬��׮�� ����Գ�־��� ll 180 ll


          180.  All the previously bound Karmas , (which) exist in a right believer, only bind such Karmas as are appropriate to his attentiveness.


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        ��Ӭ�פ ��� ��ֳ����� �ֹ���� ���� ��� �ָ��� ll 181 ll

        ���ן� ��� ׮ֹ��ֳ���ݵ��׮� ��ֻ�� á�� �֣��� ������õ� l

        �֑���ן� ���׮� ��ֳ���ݵ��׮� �ֹ���� á�� �֣�� �ָõ� ll 181 ll


          181.  They are incapable of assimilation, like an immature woman to a man.  (The soul) binds them as capable of assimilation, like a young woman to a man.



          Karmas which have not reached the stage of operation, cannot be bound up.


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        �֢֚�׾��� ���� �����־ָ���פ��־����� ll 182 ll

        ��柾�� ׮ֹ��ֳ���ݵ��׮� �֣�� �֬���ן� �֣�� �־֮������ ����ݵ��׮� l

        �֯���™׾֬��׮� �����׮� ��֮�־ָ���פ ��־��: ll 182 ll


          182.  Having been unripe for fruition, when they (the Karmas) become ripe for fruition, they bind the 7 or 8 kinds of knowledge obscuring and other forms of Karmas.



          Usually seven kinds of Karmas are bound up.  The age-karma is bound in special circumstances.


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        ������־ֳ�־�ֳ�־�� �� �֓�ֵ�� ��Ӭ���� ����֤� ll 183 ll

        ����� ��ָ���� ��� �ִ��ݤ��™���Ӭ����� �־�ן� l

        �����á־ֳ�־�� ��־�� �� ��Ο�ֵ�� ��Ӭ���� ����֟��: ll 183 ll


          183.  By these reasons indeed, a right believer is not the binder of Karmas.  In the absence of thought inflow the Karmas are not said to be the binders.



          The Material molecules of deluding Karma being merel bound up in a soul, do not affect him, unless they come into operation and the soul�s thought-activity is not strong enough to resist their operation.  Where there is impure thought-activity there is bondage.  Till the 10th spiritual stage, seven Karmas are being bound ever moment by the soul, but age-karma is bound only on certain occasions.  It is bound in one of the 8 declining times (vide Gammatsara Jiva Kanda Gatja 518, page 258).