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Munishri 108 Kam Kumar Nandi
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Hymn To Five Divinties
  Paryushan Parva
  Supreme Forgiveness
  Supreme Tenderness or Humility
  Supreme Uprightness or Honesty
  Supreme Contentment or Purity
  Supreme Truthfulness
  Supreme Self-Restraint
  Supreme Austerities or Penance
  Supreme Renunciation
  Supreme Non-Attachment
  Supreme Chastity
  Kshamavani Parva




1.      The virtue of self-restraint is very rare in the universe. The block-headed person, who gives up self-restraint on attaining once this virtue, roams in the universe in various states in this cycle of old age and death.

2.      Self-restraint is achieved by subduing the five senses. Self-restraint is the outcome of freedom from passion. Self- restraint is the outcome of freedom from passions. Self- restraint is attained by performing severe penance and it is cultivated by giving up the craving for tastes and through constant meditation.

3.      Self-restraint is attained by keeping long fasts; it is obtained by controlling the mind from loitering and going astray; it is achieved by self imposed bodily torture; and it is attained by renouncing home and the worldly possessions.

4.      Self-restraint comes by defending the tras (five sensed living beings). Self-restraint is attained by examining carefully the seven 'tattvas' (realities). These tattvas

are termed as follows:

i)      Jiva - living substance.

ii)      Ajiva - matter or non-living substance.

iii) Asrava - the influx of karmic matter into the soul.

iv) Bandha - bondage of soul by karmic matter.

v)      Samvara - the stopping of Asrava.

vi) Nirjara - the gradual removal of karmic matter.

vii) Moksha - the attainment of perfect liberation of soul.

     Self-restraint is achieved by controlling the bodily activities, and by discarding too much walking.

5.      Practicing compassion attains self-restraint; it is achieved by nourishing the desire of salvation over and again. Self-restraint paves the way to Perfect Belief or Faith. Self-restraint is the sole path to salvation.

6.      Devoid of self-restraint human life is meaningless. In the absence of self-restraint this living being as a rule takes birth in a lower state of life. Do not waste even a single moment of your life for want of self-restraint.

7.      'Self-restraint can be the only shelter in this birth and the next birth' - says Lord Jinendra. It is just like the scorching rays of the sun to dry the pond of miserable existence. Self-restraint alone resolves the complex problem of migration from world to world.

     Hence, O Mortal Man! Practice self-restraint, practice self-restraint and practice self-restraint to obtain true bliss; for one 'who has subdued his self becomes happy in this world as well as in the next'. Always keep in mind: 'A man might give by way of charity, thousands and thousands of cows every month; but far better than him will be a man, who may give nothing in charity, but only observes perfect self- control.'

     Indeed, the self-restrained persons deserve all our reverence; for they are the torchbearers of humanity and lead mankind to pinnacle of glory.

     Complexity of affairs does not perplex a man, who can keep his mind composed in all the possible combinations of untoward circumstances. The center of a wheel never moves with it; the self-centered man is always unmoved. No commotion, however violent, can stir him.