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  Kshamavani Parva




     There is an incident of the times of Lord Ram. Two princes - Mesh Bhushan and Kul Bhushan went to a Gurakul (boarding, school) for study. When they set out from home on this noble mission to receive education, no other child was left behind in the family. On completing their education, when they returned home they saw a fairy-like, beautiful damsel also standing at the door beside their mother taking burning earthen lamps in her hands to welcome them home. At the sight of her matchless beauty, both the princes were bewitched. Instantly an idea flashed in their mind to marry her. Both the brokers gave vent to the feelings of their heart unhesitatingly.

     Soon the two brothers who were anxious to marry the same girl entered into hot exchange of words. Seeing her two sons quarreling at the door, their mother who was eager to greet and welcome them inquired of them the reason behind their dispute. On knowing the reality, the mother reproached them saying, "My sons! What evil thought has entered your mind! She is your sister." Hearing this the two brothers were filled with remorse and repentance. An overwhelming feeling of self-reproach possessed them. They determined to renounce the world then and there and turned back for the forest from their doorstep. They got initiated as nude Jain monks and performed severe penance in the hills of Kunthalgiri and attained liberation i.e., salvation from there.

     Brahmcharya tapsa raja rashtram rakshti

     I.e., A king defends his nation, her culture and her people only by observing the vow of self-restraint, penance i.e., austerity and celibacy.

     The mind of a person who is indulgent in lustful desires always roams in the wilderness of sensual pleasures. Just as when a forest elephant is separated from its partner - a female elephant, it becomes mad with lust and the helpless and poor animal has to suffer untold miseries viz. bondage, torture and even death. Exactly same is the condition of a lustful person. Being overpowered with a passionate desire for sensual pleasures in the garb and illusion of love, he fails to distinguish between what is worth doing or not worth doing, just or unjust; and thus the poor fellow blinded by lust takes to the evil path which leads him to his doom.

     One who has infatuation for ladies other than his wife and maintains illegitimate relations with them has to suffer uncalled for miseries in the world. Ever growing bitterness and enmity, chopping off his sex organ, public disgrace by being fettered and imprisoned, forfeiture of all his possessions and even the terror of murder are possible. He is humiliated and condemned to live as an outcast in society. Such an ill-fated person gets birth in an inauspicious state of being in the next world. Therefore, to subdue lust and observe celibacy by discarding sexuality ultimately proves beneficial to the human soul.

     An aged man in Greece used to impart lessons in spirituality to the youngsters. He would impress upon the youth the importance of celibacy time and again'. The youngsters began to ridicule his teaching. The old teacher was in a fix as how to make the youth realize the great value of celibacy. He hit upon a plan. The next day when his young disciples assembled in a garden to receive lessons as usual, they were astonished to see a beautiful damsel sitting on the back of their teacher and making him move to and fro like a horse.

     Being enraged the pupils got ready to beat the young lady rider black and blue. The teacher checked them from their hasty foul deed. He instructed them saying, "My pupils! Behold. When for want of self-restraint, the mind of such an aged man as I am, got distracted by the amorous looks of this bewitching beauty in my extreme old age, the youth are inevitably likely to fall victims of such a calamity. If no reins are put to the mind, and it is given a long rope to loiter in the wilderness of sensual pleasures, one may have to face many such ugly situations, where one will have to suffer disgrace and humiliation."

      Celibacy is of two kinds, based on 'Mahavratas' (great vows) and 'Anuoratas' (small vows). He who for fear of committing a sin neither himself indulges in sexual relationship with any other lady, nor instigates others for such immoral traffic, observes the small vow of abstention from sexual relations with other ladies but his own wife. When a house-holder discards sexual indulgence even with his own legal wife or shuns illegitimate relationship with another's wife, he practices the fourth small vow - Anavrata called 'Parstri tyaga' i.e., discarding illegitimate sex with so called beloved or illegal co-wives.

     Similarly, the house-holder who regards the body of a lady as unholy, unchaste and foul smelling skin bag containing blood, excrete and urine, takes her physical beauty and charm, which excite evil passions in the mind as transitory illusions. He who accepts all ladies other than his own wife as mothers, sisters and daughters in thought, speech and action i.e., who believes in the axiom matrivat padraraishu - 'look at other's wife as your mother'; observes the great vow of staunch celibates. Sir Edwin Arnold also counsels:

     'Touch not thy neighbor�s wife; neither commit

     Sins of the flesh, both unlawful and unfit.'

     Long ago there lived a highly religious minded and benevolent wealthy person named Sudarshan Seth in Bharat Kshetra i.e., India. One day he went with his wife to his pleasure garden for merry making. By chance the king also happened to come there for picnic accompanied by his queen. On seeing Seth Sudarshan - a living image of beauty, the queen was enamoured by him and fell in love at first sight. She began to think in her mind, "Hurrah! Who is this handsome fellow? Is he Kam Deva - the god of love; or a Nag Kumar - a royal prince of the Naga dynasty; or a Vidhya Dhar - a celestial being endowed with divine powers? I have never seen such a handsome man in all my life so far."

     The queen was overpowered with a sexual desire seeing Sudarshan's face and figure, and well built charming body. She at once summoned her trustworthy maid and questioned her, "Do you know who is this stranger in the company of the king? Where does he live?" In reply the maid asked, "O Queen! Do you not know the renowned Seth Sudarshan, the richest man of your kingdom?" Then the queen said, "Oh! Then he is the crown person of our city. Look at him. What a charming personality and attractive features he possesses! I have never come across with a matchless man like him, endowed with such charm and beauty to this day. He is more charming than even the gods in heaven. Have you ever seen a man with such a blooming face?" Hearing this the maid said, "O Queen! No human being in all the three worlds can match him."

     The queen became restless to hold Seth Sudarshan in sweet embrace and make him her illegal spouse. Therefore, shedding all sense of shame and royal dignity the queen said to her maid unhesitatingly, "O sister! My life is useless without enjoying the sweet company of this jewel among men. My mind is wavering and has lost peace ever since the onslaught of his bewitching beauty on my heart. I cannot live without him. Therefore, try with all your might to fetch Sudarshan Seth by hook or crook into my chamber to meet me."

     The words of the queen left the maid puzzled and amazed. She cried, "Condemned be this sexual instinct, overpowered with which a person fails to distinguish between morality and immorality, and forgets loyalty to his/her spouse."

     Of all the physical and mental ailments and sicknesses, sexual desire is the worst disease. This disease ruins the life of a person. So long as a person is not a prey to this disease, he makes attempt for self-uplift through diligence; but for a mentally sick person, who is a slave to sexuality, it is impossible to get enlightenment. With this thought the maid humbly offered her pious advice to the queen, so that good sense might prevail on her. She said, "O noble Queen! This lack of chastity in you will spoil the reputation of the royal family and bring disgrace to you as well. Like fire your sexual instinct will burn the orchard of your humane virtues to ashes."

     The maid tried her level best to make the queen understand the pros and cons of her action; but the queen blinded by the intense sexual urge in her heart turned a deaf ear to her wise counsel. On the contrary she commanded the maid to bring Seth Sudarshan into her palace at any cost. In obedience to the queen's command, the maid began to make every possible effort to arrange a secret meeting between Seth Sudarshan and the queen in the royal palace.

     Seth Sudarshan was a highly religious minded and God-fearing soul. He had renounced all worldly enjoyments and sensuous pleasures. He used to become deeply engrossed in self-meditation and perform severe penance at night going into a dreadful cremation ground on the 8th and 14th day of every fortnight of the month.