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Munishri 108 Kam Kumar Nandi
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  Paryushan Parva
  Supreme Forgiveness
  Supreme Tenderness or Humility
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  Supreme Contentment or Purity
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  Supreme Austerities or Penance
  Supreme Renunciation
  Supreme Non-Attachment
  Supreme Chastity
  Kshamavani Parva




     The maid was well acquainted with all these characteristics and virtues of Seth Sudarshan. She thought out a plan to bring Seth Sudarshan into the royal palace at night. She got a clay image of a man made by a potter. One night clothing the clay image and putting it on her head she began to enter the palace. When the guards at the gate checked her, she intentionally shuddered and shook her whole body. As a result the clay image fell down and broke down into pieces. Instantly threatening the guards of severe consequences, she spoke in a harsh voice, "O sinful persons! You have committed a great crime. Today the queen had kept a vow of human worship. So she could take food only after worshipping this clay idol. Now I will go to the queen and complain against you. I will tell her how all of you made the clay image fall to the ground, as a result of which it broke down to pieces. The queen will award all of you severe punishment for it."

     On hearing the words of the maid, the guards were badly terrified and turned almost lifeless. They apologized the maidservant in a very humble voice, "O gentle lady! You alone can save us from punishment. In future, we shall never do such behavior with you. Please pardon us this time." At this she said, "All right! In future never come in my way and create hindrance in my religious activities." So saying, she went away from there and brought the meditating Sudarshan from the cremation ground into the palace loading him on her shoulders. This time the guards did not check the maid. Thus, she succeeded to fetch Sudarshan into the queen's royal room.

     On seeing Sudarshan the queen's joy knew no bounds. The lustful queen who was fully under the spell of a passionate desire to derive sexual gratification from Seth Sudarshan, made a humble appeal to him saying, "O jewel among men! You excel even Kam Deva - the god of love in beauty. You have captivated my heart. Now cool down my body burning with a passionate desire of sexual gratification by holding me in your sweet embrace." But the pious hearted noble Seth Sudarshan stood there firm and unmoved by her entreaties and amorous glances. Then the queen tried to rouse his passion and distract him from his firm stand by immoral and sexual motions and gestures.

     But the holy Seth who was deeply lost in the meditation of Lord Jinendra did not budge in the least. Just as the mount Sumeru does not shake by the cyclic winds and storms that invade the earth on the dooms day; likewise great men never dwindle from their firm determination at any cost. Meanwhile, Seth Sudarshan took a pledge that if he came out successfully from this great calamity and trial of his moral strength, he would get initiated into nude Jain monkshood.

     The queen badly failed to degrade the noble soul Seth Sudarshan from his lofty moral character by all her insane gestures arid tricks. She was fully disappointed and perturbed. She now thought of seeking revenge on him for her disgrace. She scratched her whole body, broke down her precious jewelry and tore down her clothes with her own hands. Then she started wailing and crying loudly, "Alas! The wicked Sudarshan tried to molest me and criminally assault me. What a shame! This devil has turned me to such condition. O inmates and guards of the palace! Run quickly and save my honor. Defend me! Protect me from this brute. I had summoned him into my palace taking him for my brother. How could I presume that this lusty fellow aspired to play with my body and spoil my chastity."

     On hearing the lamentation and shrieks of the queen, the attendants and guards came running to the help of the queen and rescued her. They arrested Sudarshan and presented him before the king in the royal court. The king, ignorant of the reality, believed the statement of the queen. The enraged king sentenced Seth Sudarshan to death.

     At the command of the king, the hangmen took Sudarshan to the prosecution ground and struck a blow with a sword on his neck to kill him. But lo! By the touch of his body the steel sword turned into a delicate and fragrant flower garland. Flowers began to rain from the sky. The Gods descended from the sky and began to sing hymns in praise of the celibacy of Sudarshan. They spoke, "O Seth Sudarshan! You are blessed. You are a true devotee of Lord Jinendra and a perfect householder. Your celibacy is unbreakable."

     The news of the miraculous incident that occurred at the prosecution ground astonished the king highly. He at once went on the spot and apologized to Sudarshan lying at his feet. All the city people began to praise the celibacy of Seth Sudarshan.

           The great poet Reidhu explains the supreme virtue of celibacy or chastity as below:

     Banbhcahau dudhru dharijyi varu phaidijyi visyas nriru

     Tiye sukhayim ratau mnr kari matau tam ji bhav rakhaiu thiru


     Chitbhumi mynru ji upjyi, tainr ji pidiu karyi akajyi

     Tivahm sriryim nrindyim saivyi , nriy parnrari nr mudhu yaiyi


     Nrivjyi nriryi mhaduyi bhunjyi, jo hinru ji vambhau bhanjyi

     Iye janraipinru manr vye kaen, bhamchairu palhu anruragam


     Tainr sahu ji labhei bhavparu banbhey vinru vautau jji asarau

     Bhambau vinru kayekalaisyi , vihal sayal bhaseyi jinraisi


     Bahir pharsindayi suh rakhau , param banbhu abhitari paikhau

     Ainram ubaem labheyi siv haru, im ryidhu bahu bhanryi vinryru


     Jinrnrah bhijyi munri panrmijyi dahlkhanru paliyinriru

     Bhi khaimsinh suy bhav vinryjuy holav manr ih karhu thiru


1. A man should adopt the difficult to perform superb vow of celibacy; and discard the lustful ambitions for sexual pleasures. This living being is running amuck like an elephant whose mind is always engrossed in thoughts of sexual gratification. Therefore, O grand souls! Safeguard the vow of celibacy with a firm mind.

2. Kam Deva - the god of love and sex, as a rule takes birth in the soil of the unchaste mind. By its onslaught the living beings perform improper deeds. They take delight in the embrace of the disdain bodies of the ladies, and the fools fail to make any distinction between their legally married wife and other's wife.

3. The mean fellow, who breaks the vow of celibacy ultimately goes to hell, and suffers untold miseries there. Knowing this truth, one should observe the vow of celibacy in thought, speech and action whole-heartedly.

4. A living being is relieved from the world by celibacy. All penances and vows are worthless without it. All bodily tortures in the absence of celibacy are of no avail; such is the opinion of Lord Jinendra.

5. Defend your soul from the outward sensual pleasures derived through the sense of touch and maintain the superb virtue of celibacy in the inner self - soul. The abode of celibacy is attained through this plan. Such is the humble prayer of the great poet Reidhu.

6. Observe in a noble way the ten supreme universal virtues, which have been glorified by the omniscient Lord Jinendra and to which the holy monks pay homage and bow in reverence.

Hence, O Mortal Man! Observe celibacy, observe celibacy and under all odds observe celibacy, which is the Supreme virtue, highly adulated by all religious philosophies of the world. Violation of chastity of any woman by way of criminal assault on her or otherwise, is a cognizable offence in all legal systems of the world, punishable even to the extent of severe bodily torture and hanging to death. Indeed, sweet are the fruits of celibacy.

To sum up, men of chastity are men of character; and character is the supreme and unique possession of a man. This is why the scholars assign the highest value to character in human life. The great poet writes:

     If wealth is lost, nothing is lost;

     If health is lost, something is lost;

      If character is lost, everything is lost.