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Ten Universal Virtues

Munishri 108 Kam Kumar Nandi
Message, Foreword, Preface
Hymn To Five Divinties
  Paryushan Parva
  Supreme Forgiveness
  Supreme Tenderness or Humility
  Supreme Uprightness or Honesty
  Supreme Contentment or Purity
  Supreme Truthfulness
  Supreme Self-Restraint
  Supreme Austerities or Penance
  Supreme Renunciation
  Supreme Non-Attachment
  Supreme Chastity
  Kshamavani Parva




     Meditate upon the Supreme Deities Five,

     Who grants boons to our heart�s desire...(Repeat)

     Such is this miraculous hymn grand.

1. First make obeisance to the Arhanta Divine

     Who banish all hurdles in no time ..........2

     Lend infinite bliss and prosperity.

     Such is this miraculous hymn grand.

2. Meditation of the Holy Siddhas enlightened

     Makes the head, heart and soul refined ......2

     Undone are the Karmas eight.

     Such is this miraculous hymn grand.

3. The Acharyas endowed with thirty-six virtues main

     Perform austerities and severe penance ......2

     That dispels all greed, gloom and ignorance.

     Such is the miraculous hymn grand.

4. The Upadhayas shower celestial mercy

     And Knowledge of all scriptures impart.......2

     That contributes to the well being of all

     Such is the miraculous hymn grand.

5. All the saints observe the great vows

     We pay our homage at their feet .............2

     The whole mankind bows down to them.

     Such is the miraculous hymn grand.

6.      Who-so-ever dedicates himself to them

     Is relieved from the pangs of birth and death..2

     And is crowned with salvation - the supreme goal

     Such is the miraculous hymn grand.

1. Arhants i.e., Perfect souls

2. Siddhas i.e., Liberated souls

3. Acharyas i.e., Masters - Heads of congregations

4. Upadhayas i.e., Ascetic teachers