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Something About Late Shri V.R. Gandhi
I - The Sankhya Philosophy
  II - The Yoga Philosophy
  III - The Naya Philosophy
  IV - Mimamsa
  V - The Vedanta Philosophy
  VI - Buddhism
  VII - Jainism
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IV - Mimamsa






1.   The next school of thought to which we come the Mimasma of Jaimini. Jaimini's system cannot really be called a philosophy. It is rather a system of ritualism. It dose not concern itself with investigation into the nature of soul, mind, matter but with a correct interpretation of the ritual of the Veda and the solutions of doubts and discrepancies in regard to Vedic texts caused by the discordant explanations of opposite schools, It is therefore a critical commentary on the ritual portion of the Veda. We shall therefore at once pass to the Vedanta philosophy.