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  The Immortal Song
  FACET 1: The Changeless Beneath the Changes
  FACET 2: Our Protection in an Unprotected World
  FACET 3: Liberation from the Cycle of Birth and Death
  FACET 4: Freedom From Dependency
  FACET 5: In Search of the Incomparable
  FACET 6: The Flame in the Candle
  FACET 7: Observing the Inflow of Vibrations
  FACET 8: The Art of the Full Stop
  FACET 9: The Art of Cleansing
  FACET 10: The Nature of the Universe
  FACET 11: The Rare Occasion

FACET 12: The Nature of Our Nature


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The Jain path to freedom

Guru Shree Chitra Bhanu

Glossary of Sanskrit Terms

Adharma --unreality

Adharma --the law of rest

Ajiva --matter

Akasha --space

Aloka --the void, space where neither matter nor soul exists

Anitya --change, impermanence, transitoriness

Anyatva --that which is other than Self

Arihanta, Arihante, Arihantanum --those who have conquered all inner weaknesses and have reached Self-Realization

Asharana --unprotectedness

Ashrava --inflow of vibrations

Asuchi --the descending or decomposing

Bahutva --manyness, multiplicity

Bandha --binding

Bhavana --reflection or meditation on different facts and aspects of reality

Bodhi --deep inner experiential knowledge, Enlightenment, Self-Realization

Bodhidurlabha --the rarity of finding the right path to Enlightenment

Cattari --four

Dharma (in Pali, Dhammo, Dhammum) --reality, inner truth, that which lifts you and unites you to your Higher Self; the Teaching of Non-Violence, Peace, and Loving kindness for all living beings

Dharma --the law of motion

Ekatva --oneness, aloneness

Jiva --soul, consciousness

Kala --time

Karma --vibrations or particles of matter which bind, influence, and condition the soul until it uncovers itself and realizes its nature to be limitless, luminous, all- knowing, blissful energy.

Kevali --Arihantanum or Omniscient Ones who gave us these insights and truths.

loguttama, loguttamo --supreme, unsurpassed in the universe

loka --the universe

mangalum --auspiciousness, blessedness, blessings

mithyathva --wrong belief, unawareness, confusion

moksha --ultimate liberation, Self-Realization

nirjara --cleansing, breaking, shedding negative vibrations and conditions

nitya --changelessness, permanence, immortal essence

pannato --uttered by

pavajami --I go to, I merge with

pudgala --that which fills and empties, matter

Sahu, Sahunam --saints, seekers

Samsara --the cycle of birth and death, the ever-moving wheel of change

Samvara --stoppage

sharana, sharanum --inner protection, refuge, strength

Siddha, Siddhe, Siddhanum --Perfect Souls who have reached moksha

Suchi --the ascending, the spiritual, the pure

Swa --the Self

Swatva -- Selfhood