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Jinadev Muni

In Dwarika there lived a master devotee of Lord Jineshvar named Arhanmitra. Anuddhari was his wife and Jinder was his son.

Some day Arhanmitra's son Jindev fell ill. According to the doctor's opinion it could not be cured without consuming meat.

The family tradition seems to be stronger then the might and health simply because of it the child did not agree to the physician's advice.

It is match more preferable to enter in to fire than violating rules observed for long. The death of a man with a good character is far better than the life of a man of a loose character.

I am suffering from non curable disease. Thinking this way he renuncitated all the establishments.

He because of the deed destroyal recovered from his illness. Really in this world a religious act is ever lasting light.

He thus renunciated all the worldly responsibilities and accepted initiation. Throw pious meditations he acquired external knowledge and ultimately realised salvation.