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Be Gentle and helpful

I will be kind and gentle to all animals, birds, and bugs, etc.

I will avoid walking on grass.

I will look at plants and flowers, but will not pick them.

I will try not to step on any bugs, while walking.

I will play with other children. I will not fight with them, and I will not hit anybody.

I will be nice to my brothers and sisters, and I will respect them.

I will help my grandparents and other elders.

I will help my parents.

I will put my toys and games back in place, when I am done playing.  


Circle true or false

1) I will hurt animals, birds and bugs. True or False

2) I will walk on grass. True or False

3) I will put my things in place. True or False

4) I will not help my grandfather. True or False

6) I will not fight with others. True or False