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Dewagam Stotra (Apta Mimansa)

Acharya Samant Bhadra

Tarkik Chakrachudamani Acharya Samant Bhadra was a great acharya of the second Vikram Century. He is famous as the first writer of adoration verse. He has written many stotras full of deep logic. Dewagam Stotra is incomparable and is also called Apta Mimansa, wherein a thoughtful discussion on Apta (the real God) has been reported. Acharya Samant Bhadra wrote a commentary named 'Gandh Hasti Mahabhasya' on the Tatvartha Sutra (Moksha Shastra) of Umaswami. This Dewagam Stotra is the benedictory verse of Gandh Hasti Mahabhasya, in the context of the same of Tatvartha Sutra.

Many serious and spacious commentaries in Sanskrit have been written on this stotra, amongst which, the Ashta Shati of Acharya Aklankdeo with eight hundred verses and the Ashta Shahastri of Acharya Vidyanand with eight thousand verses are very famous. This stotra has one hundred and fourteen verses. .