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Story - 6 : KIND HEART

Satyavati was fourteen years old. One day she was busy with house hold work and had worn a beautiful dress. At that time an old beggar lady came there and told, "Oh my daughter give me some food to eat in the name of God". Satyavati brought the food from kitchen and gave her. The beggar said, "My daughter, God bless you. You are very kind hearted. Please give me your this coloured shirt for my daughter. I like this very much."

Satyavati thought for a moment and went inside. After some time she came out with her shirt and gave it to the beggar lady. The old lady blessed her and set out happy. When the beggar had gone, Satyavati thought, "That was my favourite shirt, I shouldn't have given it to the beggar".

At the same time an inner voice said to her, "Satyavati, why are you felling like this? You are a religious person. Do not have attachment with colours. Your life is natural white. You will show the path of welfare to the world". She at once took an oath never to wear colored clothes in future. From that day onwards she wore only white clothes.