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One day Satyavati was travelling by a train. There was a heavy rush in the train, so Satyavati closed her eyes and began to recite Namokar-Mantra. Sometime later, a woman told Satyavati, "Oh my daughter please sit on the berth". Satyavati opened her eyes and saw a lady also who was holding a child in her lap. Satyavati told her to come and sit in her place. She told the lady,"Your child is weeping, I can stand easily".

Suddenly another old woman started weeping. Satyavati asked her,"Mother why are you weeping?" The woman said that someone had stolen her five hundred rupees, which she had arranged for the treatment of her sick son. Hearing this Satyavati became restless. She decided to find out the thief. She looked into the face of each passenger, and stopped at once in front of a man. She said to him,"Oh brother, why did you steal the money of a poor lady? Return her money." The man asked her, "How do you know that I am the thief?" She replied," I have read your face". After hearing this, the man felt ashamed and returned the five hundred rupees. From that day, the man took an oath not to steal in future.