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Story - 20 : BAGS OF EVILS

Once Lord Brahma called a man and asked, "What do you want?" The man replied, "I want to progress. I want happiness and peace, and I want everyone to praise me". Lord Brahma put two bags before the man and said, "In one of the bags are your neighbour's evils. Keep it always closed. Neither should you see it nor show it to others. In the other bag are your evils. Hang it in the front and open it again and again and see it". The man picked up both the bags. But he committed a mistake. He put the bag of his evils on his back and closed it tightly and, hanged the bag full of his neighbour's evils in the front. He opened that bag and saw it everytime and showed it to others. By this, the boon he had got became upside down, and he fell down day by day. A man should improve on his mistakes and should stop seeing the evils of the others.