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Once, there was a lion living in the forest. One day, a thorn got stuck in his paw. He tried his best to pull it out, but he could not pull it. The lion went with difficulty to a sheep boy. The sheep boy was afraid to see the lion coming towards him, but he did not run away and sat there quietly. The lion did not roar but sat quietly near the sheep boy and put his paw in front of him. He saw the thorn in his paw and pulled it out. The lion went quietly towards the forest. After some time, there was a theft in the King's palace. Some enemies of the sheep boy said to the king that he was the thief. Hearing this, the King became very angry and ordered the sheep boy's house to be searched. They did not find any stolen things in his house. The King thought that he had hidden the stolen things somewhere else. Therefore, he ordered to put him alive before a lion. When the sheep boy was thrown before the lion, it sat still. The sheep boy recognized it immediately. It was the same lion that had come to him. The king was very surprised when he came to know of the lion's gratefulness to the sheep boy. Then the king ordered the sheep boy to be set free. A fierce animal, like the lion, never forgets the good deed done to it. But the human beings who forget the good done to them are worse then animals.